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Qualifying begins: 20 June

The Draw: 24 June

Pre-event Press Conferences: 25 & 26 June

Order of Play: 26 June

Championships begin: 27 June

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Facts and Figures / FAQ
Facts and Figures about The Championships. READ MORE

Facts and Figures on frequently asked topics about The Championships.

 Aces – most (All time)

Men: 212 - Goran Ivanisevic (CRO)  2001

Ladies: 80 - Serena Williams (USA) 2015

 Aces – most (2015)

Men: 165 - Ivo Karlovic (from four matches).

Ladies: 80 - Serena Williams (from seven matches).

 Attendance (2016)

Total attendance was 493,928 (for 14 days, includes Middle Sunday of 24,623) (484,391 in 2015)

 Ball Boys and Ball Girls

Around 250 from around 750 entries come through a rigorous training routine. 


54,250 used during The Championships period.  Stored at 68 deg F.  New balls after first seven games (to allow for warm-up), then after every 9 games. Subject to availability after use balls sold daily to LTA-affiliated clubs and to spectators in the grounds.  £2.50 per can of three.  Proceeds go to LTA's Wimbledon Balls for Schools Scheme.  Yellow balls used for first time in 1986.  At start of day 48 tins taken onto Centre and No.1 Courts and 24 on all outside courts.


BBC is the host broadcaster.  Agreement extended in 2011 to 2017 inc.

Global news access audience estimated at over 1bn people in 200 territories.

 Broadcast figures 2016 (early headline audience figures)


  • UK (BBC):
    The Gentlemen’s Singles Final peaked at 13.3 million with a 69% peak share.

    The Ladies’ Singles Final audience peak was 4.8m. On the website there were 10.2 million unique browsers and 1.9 million requests for the Wimbledon live stream.

    The Mixed Doubles Final featuring Heather Watson peaked at 2.8m and the Gentlemen’s Wheelchair Singles Final on BBC2 with Gordon Reid at peaked 1.1m

  • US (ESPN):
    Most-watched Wimbledon to-date on WatchESPN – up 35% vs. 2015
  • TSN (Canada): The Gentlemen’s Singles Final featuring Milos Raonic became the most watched tennis match in Canada peaking at 2.4 million

Digital figures 2016

  • Unique devices – 20.9m (21.1m in 2015)
  • Visits – 69.4m (72.0 in 2015) 
  • Page views – 395m (542m in 2015) 
  • mobile .com uniques: 5.6m (2.1m in 2014) +125%
  • mobile .com visits: 9.6m (8.4m in 2015) +98%
  • mobile .com page views: 88.3m (73.7m in 2015)
  • App downloads: 1.5m
  • .com to apps uniques split: 93% to 7%
  • .com to apps page views split: 51% to 49%
  • Social media audience: 10.5m (8.5m in 2015)
  • Video views: 106m (85m in 2015)
  • Live @ Wimbledon TV: 1.5m (Global excl Spain, Austria, Italy, Germany) (1.6m in 2015)
  • Bespoke social media feeds in Chinese (Sina Weibo and WeChat – 65k followers), WeChat prediction
    game (55k users) and geo-targeted content posted in Japanese on Facebook and Line.
  • Platform-specific social media activations: Facebook frame and Wimbledon experience, Facebook 360s,
    #Wimbledon emojis, Beat a Legend vine activation, #TheHill v #TheWorld v #TheQueue, Wimbleskills
    Euros challenge, Giphy channel, Live @ Wimbledon on YouTube, Pinterest Wimbledon food, Custom
    Snapchat filters and strawberry lens, Snapchat Wimbledon Live Stories, YouTube 3D of the finals.

 Capacity (grounds)

39,000 spectators in the grounds at any one time. 

 Catering 2016

Wimbledon is the largest single annual sporting catering operation (1800 staff) carried out in Europe.  Average quantities supplied by Championships' caterers FMC.

  • 177,135 glasses of Pimm's 
  • 139,435 portions of strawberries
  • 133,800 traditional English scones
  • 2772 kilos of bananas (for players)

Champions' Dinner

  • Instigated in 1977 when the LTA Ball previously held on the final evening of The Championships was moved to the middle Saturday. 
  • The tradition of dancing between the two Singles Champions ceased then, but was brought back by Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams in 2015.
  • In 2015, held at the Guildhall, in the City of London. 

Clothing - players

Predominately in white rule introduced in 1963.  'Almost entirely in white rule' introduced in 1995.  Clothing submitted to Club for comment earlier in year.  Both Grand Slam and WTA rules stipulate recognised tennis attire.  Decision on the day as to whether clothing/players' turnout is suitable at discretion of Referee.  Guidelines: 

  1. No solid mass  of colouring
  2. Little or no dark or bold colours
  3. No fluorescent colours
  4. Preference towards pastel colours
  5. Preference for back of shirt to be totally white
  6. Preference for shorts and skirts to be totally white
  7. All other items of clothing including hats, socks and shoes to be almost entirely white.

Centre Court

  • 14,979 seats.  Finals matches scheduled to be played on Centre Court:
  • Saturday 9 July 2016:  Ladies' Singles, Gentlemen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles
  • Sunday 10 July 2016: Gentlemen's Singles, Ladies' Doubles.

Centre Court Roof stats
















Litres per second of fresh air per person pumped into the bowl to manage the environment


Chiller units required to cool the air


Minutes (maximum) that the roof takes to close


Trusses holding up the roof


Metres - height of the roof above the court surface


Minutes – maximum time expected before play can start/continue after the roof is closed and the internal environment is controlled and stabilised


Miles per hour - wind speed up to which the roof can be deployed/retracted


Tonnes - weight of each of the 10 trusses without extra parts


Metres - the span of the moving roof trusses (width of football pitch = 68m)


Tonnes - weight of each of the 10 trusses with all extras – eg motors, locking arms


Percent of the roof's fabric which is recyclable


MM per second - maximum speed of truss deployment


Extra seats installed in 2008


Tonnes - combined weight (both fixed and moving) of the roof


Square metres, area of retractable roof when fully deployed


Wimbledon umbrellas, needed to cover the same area as the retractable roof


Maximum spectator capacity


Litres per second – total amount of conditioned air that the air-management system supplies to the bowl


Tennis balls – number that could fit in the Centre Court with the roof closed

 Courts grass (gen) 2015

41 in total.  19 Championships grass courts (Centre + Nos 1-19, less 13) plus 22 grass practice courts in Aorangi Park and at Southlands College.

 No.1 Court

Capacity of 11,393.  Play scheduled to start at 1.00pm all days.

 Courts (dimensions)

Centre Ct:  Stadium – 110m long x 119m wide x 19m high.  Area of grass - 41m x 22m.

No.1 Court: Stadium - 121m long x 121 wide x `18 m high.  Area of grass as Centre Ct.

All lines are 50mm wide, except base lines which are 100mm.

Court Covers

Centre:  New translucent cover in 1998.  Weighs 1 ton (wet & dry) and takes 16 people approx 30 seconds to cover the court.  Cover allows a greater amount of light to the grass.  Air ventilation under the cover is aided by four large fans (two at each end).

No.1:  New translucent cover in 1999.  Weight etc as Centre. No.2 Court takes 8 coverers, all other courts have 6 coverers.


2016: Monday 27 June - Sunday 10 July

2017: Monday 3 July - Sunday 16 July


At Club on Friday 24 June 2016, 10.00am

Gentlemen's Singles: 128 places (inc 32 seeds, 16 qualifiers, 8 wild cards)

Ladies' Singles: 128 (inc 32 seeds, 12 qualifiers, 8 wild cards)

Gentlemen's, Ladies' Doubles - 64 pairs, Mixed Doubles – 48 pairs

Fastest Serve (2016)

Men: Milos Raonic - 147 mph.

Ladies: Serena Williams - 124 mph.

Fastest Serve (All Time)

Men: 148mph - Taylor Dent – 2010

Women: 129mph - Venus Williams - 2008


Over 50,000 plants supplied each year. 

Ivy on Centre Court is Boston Ivy, Parthenocissus Tricuspidaca Veitchii.


Championships playing height 8mm. Court grass composed of 100% rye grass (changed from 70% rye/30% red fescue in Sept 2000 for better wear and tear properties). 

Grounds (size)

Church Road site:  13.5 acres.  Plus car parks:  42 acres


Rufus, a Harris Hawk, trained by Wayne and Imogen Davis of Avian Control.  Visits the Club most weeks in the year to provide a deterrent to local pigeons by making aware of a predator in the grounds to persuade them to roost elsewhere.  Flies for one hour (9.00am) most mornings of The Championships before the gates open.


Electronic line calling system introduced on Centre and No.1 Cts in 2006.  In 2015 covers Centre Court, No.1 Ct, No.2 Ct, No.3 Ct, Court 12, Court 18.

Hawk-Eye – Challenges (singles only) 2015

Men made 551 Challenges and 146 were correct, a 26.5% success rate.

Ladies made 307 Challenges of which 83 were correct, a 27.04% success rate.

Large Screen

The screen is 40 sq metres in size

Live @ Wimbledon

  • Enhanced video and radio digital broadcast service blending live tennis with the off-court colour allowing fans a greater interaction and engagement via
  • Video service live in the UK, the Americas, India, Australia, New Zealand, and available on and mobile applications. 
  • 7 hours live broadcasting day with pre-packaged content such as previews and reviews, match highlights and archive footage.
  • For radio listeners, the Live @ Wimbledon radio service offers an enhanced and improved version of the popular Radio Wimbledon. 
  • Available worldwide online, and on 3 local FM channels, there are three radio channels for the user to choose from: Around the Grounds, bringing the whole event to life, Centre Court, which will feature ball-by-ball commentary from Centre Court, and No.1 Court, which will feature ball-by-ball commentary from No.1 Court.

 Longest Match 

  • 2010, Court 18, played over 3 days
  • John Isner (USA) bt Nicolas Mahut (FRA) 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7), 7-6 (3), 70-68
  • 11 hours 05 minutes duration
  • Final set lasted 491 minutes (8hrs11mins), 1hr 38mins longer than the previous longest match in tennis history
  • 980 points played in total – Mahut won 502 and Isner 478 of them (Serena Williams won 789 points over seven rounds to win the Ladies' Singles)
  • Isner served the most aces in a match – 113
  • 123 balls used


662 during Fortnight

Media (Average)

3,250 media accredited (600 press, 2,450 broadcast personnel, 200 photographers and photographic support staff).

Membership of Club

  • Four categories:  Full, Life, Honorary and Temporary.
  • Full and Life Membership limited to 375 (the number of seats in the old Worple Road stand).  All enjoy full privileges.
  • Hon members elected by the Committee and mostly past singles champions and other people who have given special service to the sport. 
  • Around 120 Temp members also elected by the Ctee.  Renewed annually. 
  • To become a member must be proposed seconded and supported by 4 existing Full Members, all of whom are required to write in support of the application.
  • Waiting list of about 1000 dating back many years. 

Merchandise (2016)


The top selling items in the Wimbledon Shop were: 

  • 18,070 - Gentlemen’s Championships towel
  • 15,407 - Championships' pen
  • 10,907 - Ladies Championships' Towel
  • 7,905 - Racket key ring
  • 6,944 - Championships' magnet
  • 6,144 - Yellow autograph ball medium
  • 5,451 - Men's classic logo navy cap


Open every day 10:00-17:30.   Closed Fri/Sat/Sun before, middle Sunday of and Monday after event.  Access during event only for people already in Grounds. 


  • Chairman:  Philip Brook (2011)
  • Chief Executive:  Richard Lewis (2012)
  • Referee:  Andrew Jarrett (2006)
  • Chief of Umpires:  Jenny Higgs (2010)
  • Head Groundsman:  Neil Stubley (2013)

 Official Suppliers 2016


Official Ball



Official Still Soft Drink



Official Timekeeper



Official Supplier of Information Technology



Official Car



Official Champagne


Ralph Lauren

Official Outfitter



Official Banking Partner



Official Bottled Water



Official Coffee


Stella Artois

Official Beer



Official Car


 Order of play

Decided by Referee and published around 6.00pm daily.

 Players (2015) inc qualifying

757 players  

 Prize Money (2016)

Singles Champions:  £2m.  Total:  £28.1m.


Mon 20 - Thurs 23 June 2016

Bank of England Sports Ground, Roehampton.

 The Queue and General Security


  • The 2015 Queue does not start until 8:00am on Sunday 28 June.
  • £5.00 fee (proceeds donated to charity) to be levied on storage of camping kit.
  • Ground entry security procedures will be at an appropriately high level. 
  • On-day sales queue in Wimbledon Park leading to off-site search/scanning operation.
  • All ticket holders searched on entry.
  • Only one bag per ticket holder allowed.  No larger than 16x12x12ins (40x30x30cm). 
  • No hard-sided hampers, cool-boxes or brief cases allowed into the grounds.
  • No Left Luggage facilities inside the grounds.  

 Racket Stringing

Championships stringing team string on average over 2,000 rackets comprising 60% for men, 40% for women.  In total this adds up to over 40 miles of string. 

 Radio Wimbledon

See Live @ Wimbledon. 

 Roof (Centre Court)

Completed in 2009.  Main works commenced after 2006 Championships as part of wholesale improvements to the east side of Centre Court.  No roof in 2007.  New fixed roof in 2008, retractable part in 2009. 

 Royal Box

Contains 74 dark green Lloyd Loom wicker chairs.  The Queen attended in 1957, 1962, 1977, 2010. 



The seeds are the top 32 players on the ATP Ranking list, BUT then rearranged on a surface-based system. Since 2002 a seeding committee has not been required for the Gentlemen's Singles following an agreement made with the ATP. The seeding order is determined using an objective and transparent system to reflect more accurately an individual player's grass court achievements. The formula is:

Take the ATP Ranking points at 20 June 2016.

Add 100% points earned for all grass court tournament in past 12 months.

Add 75% points earned for best grass court tournament in 12 months before that.


The seeding order follows the WTA ranking list, except where in the opinion of the comittee, a change is necessary to produce a balanced draw.



Around 6,000 staff  are taken on for Championships:

  • Ball boys & girls:  250
  • Ball distributors:  7
  • Building Services:  84
  • Catering Staff:  1,800
  • Cleaners (night):  191
  • Cleaners (day):  114
  • Court attendants:  151
  • Data Collectors: 36
  • Dressing room attendants:  22
  • Groundsmen:  20
  • Left luggage office:  30
  • Lift operators:  30
  • Physiotherapists:  14
  • Practice courts:  8
  • Media staff:  38
  • Referee's Office:  15
  • Scoreboard operators & data collectors:  46
  • Stewards (Honorary):  185
  • Stewards (Service & London Fire Brigade):  595
  • Transport service drivers:  320
  • Umpires, Chair and Line: 375

Strawberries & Cream

  • Usually Grade I Kent strawberries of the highest quality
  • Around 28,000 kg consumed during the Fortnight. 
  • Around 8615 punnets (2100 kg) containing minimum of 10 berries consumed daily,
  • Served with over 7,000 litres of fresh cream.
  • 142,000 portions of strawberries served in 2012.
  • To ensure utmost freshness, strawberries are picked the day before being served, arrive at Wimbledon at around 5.30a.m where inspected before being hulled.
  • Price of strawberries & cream for punnet of not less than 10 berries + cream:- 
  • 1993 - £1.70; 1994 - £1.70; 1995 - £1.75; 1996 - £1.80; 1997 - £1.85; 1998 - £1.85; 1999 - £1.75; 2000 - £1.80; 2001 - £1.85: 2002 - £1.95;  2003 - £2.00;  2004 - £2.00; 2005 – £2.00; 2006-£2.00; 2007-£2.00; 2008-£2.25; 2009- £2.25; 2010 - £2.50; 2011- £2.50: 2012-£2.50, 2013-£2.50, 2014- £2.50.


See Tickets

Tickets (resales)

  • Used/unwanted tickets recycled via collection from red boxes or bar code scan. 
  • Re-sold to people in the grounds.  Priced £10 for Centre Court and No.1 Court, £5 for No.2 Court. 
  • Since 1954, money raised from returned tickets has been donated to charity. 
  • Total net income in 2015 was £159,311
  • HSBC match means the total funds available for charitable donation via the Wimbledon Foundation was £318,622

Times of Play

  • Grounds open at 10:30am.
  • Start on Courts 2-19 scheduled for 11:30 daily
  • Start on Centre and No.1 Court scheduled for 1.00pm daily except for the Men's and Ladies' Finals at 2.00pm. 
  • Close of play:  Approx 9.00pm depending on weather, light and matches state.


  • Men's Singles – Challenge Cup (since 1887). 
  • Ladies' Singles – Ladies' Singles Plate (since 1886)


  • 350 on duty comprising mostly British plus 60 from overseas. 
  • British are members of Association of British Tennis Officials.


Championships recorded as being without rain interruptions since 1922: 1931, 1976, 1977, 1993, 1995, 2009, 2010.

 Wild cards

Announced w/c Monday 13 June 2016.  Awarded at discretion of Championships Committee.  Usually to British players nominated by LTA or special circumstances (eg Goran Ivanisevic in 2001 or a recent Champion whose ranking has fallen through injury).  Eight available in both Men's & Ladies' Singles.