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Qualifying begins: 26 June

The Draw: 30 June

Pre-event Press Conferences: 1 & 2 July

Order of Play: 2 July

Championships begin: 3 July


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Visitor A to Z

Need any more information to help you prepare for your day at Wimbledon? Our FAQs and Maps will provide you with all the answers.

What's New?

Click here for a run-down of the new offerings at Wimbledon this year.

What Can I Bring?

You are welcome to bring your own food and drink to Wimbledon, but please note hard-sided containers and items, such as picnic hampers/cool boxes, flasks and camping chairs are not allowed. Click here to see the full list of prohibited items.

Visitors with special dietary requirements are advised to bring with them what they need to eat and drink throughout the day. However, a selection of gluten-free products are available in the Aorangi Food Court, the Conservatory Kitchen, and Café Pergola. Click here to see the full catering options available at Wimbledon.


Alcohol may be brought into the Grounds but is limited to the equivalent of one bottle of wine or Champagne (750ml) or two cans of beer (500ml) or two cans of premixed aperitifs per person. Bottles of spirits or fortified wines will not be allowed into the Grounds.

The consumption of alcohol is permitted only in public bars and other authorised areas. Glass drinking vessels may not be used on the Show Courts; all drinks taken onto the Show Courts must be covered to avoid spillage. Hot and/or strong smelling food may not be taken onto the Show Courts. The AELTC reserves the right to refuse entry to the stands of any court to anyone carrying alcohol and to ask anyone drinking alcohol in the stands to leave.

Catering Stats

Wimbledon is the largest single annual sporting catering operation (2200 staff) carried out in Europe.  Average quantities supplied by Championships’ caterers FMC are as follows:

- 330,000 cups of tea and coffee

- 320,000 glasses of Pimm’s

- 234,000 meals

- 230,000 bottles of water

- 110,000 pints of draught beer and lager

- 86,000 ice creams

- 76,000 sandwiches

- 44,000 litres of milk

- 30,000 pizzas

- 29,000 bottles of champagne

- 28,000 kg (140,000 servings) of English strawberries

- 25,000 scones

- 16,000 portions of fish and chips

- 10,000 portions of frozen yoghurt

- 10,000 litres of dairy cream

- 5,000kg of bananas

Strawberries & Cream

- Price for a portion of a minimum of 10 strawberries and cream at Wimbledon has remained at £2.50 per serving for seven years, since 2010.

- 28,000kg consumed during the tournament with over 10,000 litres of fresh cream.

- Usually Grade 1 English strawberries of the highest quality from Kent.

- From LEAF-registered farms (LEAF is a charity promoting Integrated Farm Management balancing organic with chemical practices).

- To ensure the utmost freshness, strawberries are picked at 4.00am, collected from the packing plant at 9.00am and are delivered to the Club by 11.00am for inspection and hulling. They are then enjoyed by guests on the same day

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