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Health and Safety Manager

Reporting to the Estate Director, the Health and Safety Manager will provide expert advice to senior management and staff and oversee health and safety requirements, both strategically and operationally.  Year round, the manager needs to ensure a safe environment for members, staff, contractors, players and visitors of all ages on a busy and complex site.  During the Championships period there are additional responsibilities and challenges.    

The job involves working in a wide range of environments such as construction (CDM), buildings maintenance, grounds keeping, visitor areas (including a Museum), broadcasting operations, offices and catering.  Duties include: encouraging and enforcing best practice, maintaining and developing policies and procedures, conducting audits, providing support to managers, working with contractors and liaising with the local authority and other organisations.  During The Championships, the Health and Safety Manager will work closely with the event Safety Officer. 

To be considered for this important Health and Safety Manager role you must be:

-     A competent and confident practitioner with proven and successful experience of Health and Safety across a relatively large site, with a high footfall.

-     Nebosh Diploma level qualified (or equivalent) and should be a Chartered member of IOSH.

-     Aware of Health and Safety legislation applicable at sporting / leisure venues.

-     An excellent communicator with the ability to relate to a wide range of people from stakeholders and executives to field operatives.

-     Highly organised with strong attention to detail; enthusiastic and motivated.

How to apply

This assignment is being handled on an exclusive basis and direct applications will be forwarded to Principal People – HSE Recruitment Specialists. To apply, please send your CV and covering letter, detailing your suitability for the role and current remuneration package, to: Josh Huggins: josh@principalpeople.co.uk or call 01252 759 162. The closing date for applications is Wednesday 8th May.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Championships) Limited is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applicants from all sections of the community.  Appointments are made on merit.

Background to role, duties, and person specification


Founded in 1868, The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club (‘the Club’) is a private members’ tennis club which also organises and stages The Championships, Wimbledon through its wholly owned subsidiary The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Championships) Limited (‘AELTC’). The Club’s aim is for The Championships to continue to be recognised as the world’s premier tennis tournament and as one of the world’s greatest sporting events. 

Preparations for The Championships ramp up over a three month period with increasingly intense construction of temporary facilities, installation of infrastructure required to stage The Championships and preparation for a huge event catering operation. In addition, mothballed permanent facilities that are only used for The Championships have to be recommissioned.

The Championships themselves are staged over a 13 day period in the late June and early July.  On any given day during The Championships, there can be as many as 40,000 paying spectators and 10,000 accredited personnel such as players, media and workforce on the Club’s 45 acre grounds.

Following The Championships, there is a six week period during which the site has to be cleared of Championships related infrastructure.

In addition to The Championships, AELTC operates as a private members’ tennis club throughout the year, stages a number of smaller tennis tournaments during the summer, hosts regular social events often involving more than 100 people and runs a junior tennis programme for local children. In addition, 80,000 people a year visit its museum and tour its grounds. All of these activities take place, to some extent, over weekends and many take place in the evenings.

Furthermore, AELTC is about to start a major construction programme designed to enhance the facilities on the grounds with a view to building on Wimbledon’s position as the finest stage in world tennis.  During the major construction programme five or ten years ago, as many as 400 construction workers were on the grounds at any one time.

2.     THE ROLE

Reporting to AELTC’s Estate Director, this is a new role following a period after the retirement of the AELTC’s former Health and Safety Manager when AELTC’s line management took direct responsibility for health and safety with close support from an experienced health and safety consultant.

Outside The Championships, the Health and Safety Manager will have day-to-day responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of all people who are present on the grounds including the run-up to and break-down from The Championships and during the late summer, autumn and winter months when AELTC continues with a complex seven day a week operation and often carries out substantial construction projects. Responsibility will extend into all Club and AELTC activities where health and safety issues arise ranging from office based work through use of chemicals by grounds staff to £50 million construction projects. This will require close liaison with AELTC colleagues and contractors with varying degrees of health and safety expertise.

During The Championships, the Safety Officer, a seasonal position, and his team have responsibility for AELTC ensuring the reasonable safety of spectators and complying with the requirements of its safety certificate.  The Safety Officer and his team are based in the Event Control Room and focus primarily on management of crowd safety at The Championships liaising throughout with blue light services and security and stewarding groups. Meanwhile, the Health and Safety Manager will have responsibility for operational level health and safety issues around the grounds.


Generally ensure the health and safety of the many hundreds of staff and contractors working on the grounds in the run-up to and break-down from The Championships.

During the run-up to and break-down from The Championships, work with AELTC’s Buildings and Services Department and the health and safety management of key AELTC contractors to ensure that AELTC’s contractors’ activities are legally compliant and safe.

During The Championships, work with the Safety Officer’s team, the police, St John Ambulance, AELTC’s security contractor and the health and safety management of key AELTC contractors to ensure the operational level health and safety of the 40,000 paying spectators and 10,000 accredited personnel.

Ensure contemporaneous and accurate investigation and reporting of incidents (including both accidents and illnesses) during The Championships period including liaison with stewards and other witnesses of incidents.

Audit the grounds (including car parks and the Queue) personally each day in the immediate run-up to and during The Championships with a focus on high risk areas such as trip hazards, fire escape routes and areas where vehicles operate in close proximity to pedestrians.

Ensure safe practices are followed during construction of temporary facilities and installation of infrastructure (e.g. Arena’s temporary stands and buildings) relating to The Championships and ensure that such infrastructure is constructed in such as way that it will be safe for use throughout The Championships.

Liaise with the health and safety management of key AELTC contractors with significant presence during the Championships period and review their method statements, risk assessments and similar documentation.

Work with the catering contractor’s health and safety management to ensure that the event catering operation which operates out of several dozen kitchens is fully compliant with environmental health regulations.

Provide appropriate health and safety briefings for Championships staff.

Provide appropriate health and safety induction training to new contractors.

Ensure appropriate procedures are in place to permit heavy (e.g. trucks and forklifts) and potentially fast moving (e.g. buggies) vehicles to operate safely alongside many hundreds of staff and contractors.

By carrying out audits of work areas and work practices, work with contractors’ health and safety management to investigate reported injuries or ill-health (as appropriate) and undertake other additional tasks as directed by the Safety Officer.

Coordinate AELTC compliance with the accessibility requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act during The Championships.

Attend daily Fire Team meetings during The Championships.

Attend daily Safety Team meetings during The Championships.

Attend the weekly insurance risk management review meetings with AELTC’s loss adjuster during The Championships.

Prepare a detailed report following The Championships setting out metrics on numbers of incidents (including both accidents and illnesses), explaining any significant incidents and making detailed recommendations for implementation at future Championships.


Prepare regular health and safety reports to the AELTC board in conjunction with the Estate Director, Chief Executive and Financial Director setting out key health and safety metrics, noting significant incidents and reporting on key issues, activities and initiatives.

Participate in AELTC’s Health and Safety Team and Health and Safety Forum meetings with particular emphasis on maintaining staff awareness of their own personal role in maintaining AELTC’s good health and safety record.

Keep executives and line managers up to date with relevant legislation and best practice regarding general health and safety, fire safety, food safety and crowd safety.

Advise the executives and line managers on best practice for legal compliance with relevant legislation on general health and safety, fire safety, food safety and crowd safety.

Advise and provide detailed support to line managers on developing, reviewing and maintaining risk assessments, standard operating procedures and method statements to ensure the safety of AELTC staff, contractors or other persons who may be affected by AELTC activities.

Provide support to line managers to identify health and safety training needs and to arrange and document training undertaken.

Specifically, provide appropriate health and safety induction training to new joiners.

Liaise with the health and safety management of key AELTC contractors with significant year round presence on the grounds (e.g. construction companies, caterers and cleaners) and review their method statements, risk assessments and similar documentation. In this regard, pay particular attention to the health and safety practices of construction companies working closely with their health and safety managers.

Act as the primary liaison with local authority health and safety enforcement officers, with local authority environmental health officers (regarding food hygiene activities), with the London Fire Brigade and other blue light services as appropriate.

Conduct audits of health and safety, fire and hygiene documentation and procedures and check physical compliance with documentation and procedures.

Maintain and continuously develop the health and safety manual, health and safety policies, procedure manuals, method statements and other relevant documentation.

Maintain a system for the effective reporting, recording and investigation of near misses, injury incidents, occupational ill-health and dangerous occurrences and ensure correct legal reporting, relevant to AELTC staff including volunteers and ball boys and girls.

Ensure all contractors report incidents to AELTC and to enforcing authorities as appropriate.

Carry out workstation analysis for all new users of display screen equipment and review workstation analysis for existing users when the need arises, and maintain suitable records.

Ensure that all fire risk assessments are reviewed and updated at appropriate intervals and that staff are familiar with fire assembly points and with use of fire extinguishers.

Coordinate AELTC year round compliance with the accessibility requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.

Ensure adequate first aid cover is available at all times.

Focus on activities involving minors including: AELTC’s training programme for 300 ball boys and girls; the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative (i.e. its junior tennis programme for local children) in which several dozen children play tennis several days a week at the grounds; its Education Department under which many hundreds of children attend classes at AELTC; and its Road to Wimbledon junior tournament for over 100 children held each August.

Focus also on the safety of the 80,000 people a year who visit the Wimbledon Museum with particular emphasis on those who take guided tours of the grounds.

Focus also on the safety of social events taking place on the grounds at weekends and in evenings with particular reference to the health and safety practices of organisations (e.g. bands and DJs) which provide services at these events and to fire evacuation routes.


Qualifications and experience

A NEBOSH diploma in occupational safety and health is absolutely essential, Chartered Membership of IOSH is highly desirable and food safety qualifications are desirable.

Practical experience of being directly responsible for health and safety on a relatively large site with relatively large numbers of people is essential.

Skills and knowledge

Specific knowledge and experience will be required in a number of the following areas:

·     Health and safety legislation applicable at sporting venues.

·     Large scale construction work including monitoring of the Construction Design and Management Regulations.

·     Catering safety and food hygiene.

·     Workshop safety including woodworking, electrical and plumbing activities.

·     Health and safety aspects of grounds keeping and outside broadcast operations.

·     Building fire safety, fire prevention and operational continuity.

·     The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations and workstation analysis.

The successful candidate will have all of the following skills:

·     Practical application of relevant legislation.

·     Good verbal and written communication skills.

·     Good organisational and time management skills.

·     Good investigation and report writing skills.

·     Good presentation, instruction and training skills.

·     Attention to detail.

·     Computer literate with experience of operating in a Microsoft Office environment and competence with Word, Excel and Outlook.

Personal attributes

The successful candidate is likely to have the ability and willingness to do all of the following:

·     Work effectively and persuasively with a wide range of people at both senior and junior levels including external contractors and suppliers.

·     Work both independently and as part of a team.

·     Make practical risk based decisions under pressure and in time-critical situations.

·     Provide persuasive and effective training to staff and when necessary contractors.

·     Hit deadlines.

·     Operate strategically but also to adopt a hands-on approach when required.

·     Undertake flexible working hours including occasional evenings and daytime weekends when required for external functions or during the run-up to The Championships and including very long working days during The Championships.

·     Spend many hours walking the grounds.

·     Operate at roof top level and in difficult to access spaces.

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