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Murray's malfunctioning shorts grab headlines

Andy Murray grabs his knee in the third set of his third set of his third round match against Marcos Baghdatis.
by Mark Hodgkinson
Monday 2 July 2012

So Andy Murray's shorts - his "blundering" shorts - make the back page of The Daily Mail. The newspaper reports that, after Saturday's wardrobe malfunction when a spare ball slipped out of his pocket on three occasions, he will wear a new pair of shorts for his fourth-round match against Marin Cilic. "New shorts please, Andy - ball blunder forces kit switch," says the headline, and Laurie Whitwell discloses: "After the spare ball slipped from his pocket three times during the match against Marcos Baghdatis - he was twice punished with lost points - the British No.1 will change into a different version manufactured by adidas. Murray was penalised under rules governing hindrance during play. The sportswear manufacturer put the incidents down to human error, saying the pockets on the hand-finished shorts had been made too shallow."

Whitwell spent some of Wimbledon's middle Sunday running up and down Henman Hill, testing a pair of Murray's shorts. "On Murray Mount, I ran a series of 15-metre sprints, side-stepped a bit and jumped up and down on the spot for 60 seconds but I was unable to dislodge a ball from the pockets. It was only when I violently wiggled my legs that I could get the ball to nudge even slightly. Murray's thighs are at least double the size of mine but the key difference was the pockets on my shop-bought shorts (for £30) were finished correctly. Perhaps Andy should have nipped down the High Street."

Apart from journalists violently wiggling their legs, what else was happening on Wimbledon's fallow day? Neil Harman, of The Times, reports that, "Roger Federer's twin daughters, Myla and Charlene, rode their identical pink-trimmed scooters around the All England Club in a state of complete relaxation with their surroundings - very much daddy's girls."

But now on to the second week, and what Doug Robson of USA Today calls the best day in tennis: "The best ticket in tennis - Wimbledon's second Monday, when organisers schedule the entire men's and women's fourth round - arrives on the heels of what has already been an eventful first week."

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