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Between the Lines - Maria Kirilenko

Maria Kirilenko waves to the crowd after defeating Sorana Cirstea in the third round.
by Josh Blagden
Tuesday 3 July 2012

Maria Kirilenko talks ice hockey, bad singing and A Knight's Tale...

Q: If you weren’t a professional tennis player, what would you be doing?
MK: Before I did ballet dancing so maybe a dancer, who knows.

Q: What do you eat for breakfast on the day of a match?
MK: I eat oatmeal, yoghurt and orange juice.

Q: Describe your ideal holiday.
MK: Well, I think my favourite holiday would be to relax by the beach in the sun. Sometimes you need to relax because we travel so much and it is hard work.

Q: Where do you like to go?
MK: Anywhere where it is hot.

Q: What is the most played song on your mp3 player at the moment?
MK: For the last couple of weeks I haven’t heard any music but I like 1980s hits like ABBA.

Q: If you could meet anyone past or present, who would it be?
MK: I would love to see my grandfather who passed away and never got to see me play professionally. He just saw me play as a junior and died when I was 13 years old so I would love to see him now.

Q: What’s your favourite sport besides tennis?
MK: Ice hockey.

Q: Did you have any idols growing up?
MK: Yes, I used to follow Yevgeny Kafelnikov because I liked the way he played and also Jennifer Capriati.

Q: Do you have any hidden talents we don’t know about? For example, singing?
MK: Singing, for sure not. Drawing, no. Well maybe dancing.

Q: Have you sung at a karaoke?
MK: Well I’m such a bad singer so I don’t feel too confident but I have done, yes.

Q: If you could learn a new talent, what it would be?
MK: Singing (laughs). It would be nice to sing well.

Q: Finally, what is your favourite film?
MK: A Knight’s Tale.

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