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Rafa sends congratulations to his friend Andy Murray

Rafael Nadal waves to fans after winning his first match of The Championships 2012.
by Mark Hodgkinson
Saturday 7 July 2012

Rafa Nadal, last seen losing in the second round to Lukas Rosol, has not forgotten about Wimbledon. He appears on the front page of The Times sports supplement this morning to pass on his congratulations to his friend Andy Murray: "It is the late evening in Sardinia where I am having a small holiday and I have had a call saying that Andy Murray has reached the final of Wimbledon. I did not see the match, but I can only begin to imagine the emotions he must have been feeling. For Andy this is an amazing achievement. It is the home tournament. To be in the final, to be playing against the best in history in Roger Federer, he has been fighting for this for a long time and now it has happened. I am very happy for him. To be in so many Wimbledon semi-finals and not be in the final - I am sorry that it was me who beat him on the last couple of occasions - is disappointing for him, but I knew that the chance would come again and that if it did come, he would take it."

In The Daily Mail, Martin Samuel celebrates Murray's roots: "Do you know the most wonderful thing about Andy Murray? He's Scottish. Now a lot of people don't agree with that. They think Murray's monotone brogue, his roots, his loyalties, are absolutely the worst of him. They think it makes him dour and chippy and they are convinced by this myth that he hates the English. They drink it all in and then they hate him back, because they genuinely believe he is as small-minded and petty as they are. And they do not understand, and never will understand, that it is precisely Murray's otherness, his uniqueness, his outsider status, that has taken him to where he will be tomorrow: the men's singles final at Wimbledon."

In the pages of The Daily Telegraph, Paul Hayward instructs readers: "Do not adjust your set. The pictures you saw from Wimbledon on Friday July 6, 2012, were not tampered with to raise morale in times of difficulty. A British tennis player reached the final of the gentlemen’s singles and will play Roger Federer at 2pm here on Sunday. It was not propaganda."

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