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In his own words: Andy Murray

Andy Murray shows fighting spirit.
by Dan Imhoff
Saturday 6 July 2013

During The Fortnight Andy Murray has spoken about how he copes with the expectations on him, the dominance of the 'Big Four' and how he fancies pitting his tennis wits against Serena Williams.

On playing at his home Championships
I get very nervous before matches here, but I often feel like that helps me play my best tennis. It maybe helps me concentrate better.

On what he has learnt from last year’s Wimbledon final defeat
I didn't come off the court thinking kind of, what if? You know, I got back on the practice court five, six days later and I felt great; whereas when I'd lost in slam finals before – well, you saw my results for a few months afterwards.

On what it means for a British player to play in Wimbledon
There's a lot more pressure and a lot more expectation, a lot more nerves. There's still the excitement there. But, yeah, I think for all British players it's a huge part of their career.

On Rafael Nadal’s early defeat
It's obviously surprising.  But, you know, the consistency that Rafa, Roger, Novak have shown in the slams over the last five, six years, it's going to be almost impossible to keep that up forever.

On whether it’s different away from the court during Wimbledon
I think this period for me is quite a stressful period.  It's also a very enjoyable one. I've always enjoyed the grass court season, being around friends and family, being able to go home at night.

On how he’s feeling in the wake of the spate of injuries
That's sport. You never know … Obviously when you're playing, when you're practising, then sometimes guys, you can fall down the stairs, trip over your shoelaces.

On the possibility of playing a match against Serena Williams
It depends if people would actually want to see it or not really. That's what it would come down to. I don't think it would prove much for either of us. But if people would want to see it, then I would do it.

On who will be No.1 at the end of the year
I would say Rafa and Novak would be the favourites, you know, because the last couple of months I had, unless I was to win here and the US Open, then I don't have much chance of finishing at No. 1.

On whether David Cameron’s good luck tweet could jinx his chances
It's nice to get messages from the Prime Minister, but whether I win or not, his tweet has no bearing on that at all. 

On winning Olympic gold
You know, winning Olympic gold here, a home Olympics, I mean, I'll never get the opportunity to do that again. So, yeah, it was probably one of the proudest moments of my career. I don't know if I'll ever top that.

On what Fred Perry would say to him if he was still alive
Why are you not wearing my kit?

On any similarities he shares with Novak Djokovic’s game
I mean, both of us return well. That's probably the strongest part of our games. Both play predominantly from the baseline. We both move well, but a different sort of movement. So I'd say I probably move with more power and he's much more flexible than me.

Djokovic has said that he keeps calm by meditating. There's a Buddhist temple in Wimbledon he goes to. I was wondering what do you use to try and focus, keep calm, et cetera, before the final?
I don't do that. I watch TV, comedy TV I would say. But I don't go to temple.

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