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Wimbledon's Christmas Quiz - Part 2

Ivy on the wall of Centre Court
by Mark Hodgkinson
Tuesday 24 December 2013
Continuing our quest to test your knowledge of what happened at Wimbledon this year, here's part two of Wimbledon.com's Christmas quiz...

1. Why were four Andy Murray fans and autograph-hunters arrested in London this autumn?

2. During The Championships, there was some discussion of which two players arranging a Battle of the Sexes-style exhibition in Las Vegas? 

3. Japan's Kimiko Date-Krumm became the oldest woman of the Open era to reach the third round at the All England Club. How old was she?

4. Which top-10 player did Laura Robson beat in the first round of The Championships?
5. Why was Roger Federer asked to change his shoes after his first-round match?

6. Why did Serena Williams apologise to Maria Sharapova before The Championships?

7. The 2013 Wimbledon Championships was the first Grand Slam of the season to feature all four of the 
leading men's quartet of Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Andy Murray. What had been the previous grand slam tournament that all four had played? 
8. Which knight of the realm gave Andy Murray some advice during The Championships?

9. Which 35-year-old man reached the fourth round at the All England Club this year?

10. Why did Victoria Azarenka withdraw from the tournament before her second-round match?

11. Which Hollywood actors were in the Royal Box for the men's final?

12. Laura Robson's brother, Nick, was working at The Championships. What was his job?

13. Sloane Stephens ate at the same restaurant in Wimbledon Village ever night. What did she eat? 

14. Who said: 'I never drink wine. I don't drink alcohol at all, it doesn't agree with me. Not even a small glass of champagne.'?
15. Who said: 'It's a bit like Where's Wally, isn't it? Maybe he was there; maybe he wasn't? Who knows? And who cares?'
16. Steve Darcis, who defeated Rafael Nadal in the first round, has a tattoo on his shoulder. What's it of? 
17. Who was the former girls' singles champion who defeated Ana Ivanovic, a former world No.1? 
18. Which female player dyed her hair blonde before this year's Championships? 
19. Which two male players performed a striptease before Wimbledon at The Boodles, an exhibition tournament at Stoke Park? 
20. Which politician waved a flag in the Royal Box after the men's final?

1. They were suspected of carrying a firearm (though it was later said that they had in fact been holding a tennis racket). 
2. Serena Williams and Andy Murray.
3. 42. 
4. Maria Kirilenko.
5. They had orange soles. 
6. For comments made in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. 
7. The 2012 Championships. 
8. Sir Alex Ferguson. 
9. Tommy Haas. 
10. She had injured her knee after a fall during the first-round match. 
11. Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler. 
12. A court-coverer. 
13. Curry - she was eating at an Indian restaurant. 
14. Marion Bartoli. 
15. Bernard Tomic, discussing his father John, who was banned from the grounds.
16. A shark. 
17. Eugenie Bouchard. 
18. Agnieszka Radwanska. 
19. Novak Djokovic and Grigor Dimitrov.
20. Alex Salmond. 

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