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Introducing the first ever Fantasy Wimbledon game

Fantasy Wimbledon
by Simon Cambers
Friday 20 June 2014

Ever wondered what it would be like if you had Roger Federer’s forehand, Andy Murray’s backhand and Serena Williams’ power? Well now you can find out by playing Wimbledon’s first ever fantasy game.

What's the idea?
Create your ideal 'player' from FIVE 'player attributes' and accrue as many points as possible through the performances of your player in the men’s and ladies’ singles events throughout the Championships.

Points are earned through the serve, returns, power, net play and mental strength of your player, challenging you to choose wisely, dig deep into the statistics and stay on the ball throughout the two weeks.

How does it work?
Each user receives a budget of 1,000 stars.

Working within your budget, choose five different player attributes to build your ideal player, including at least one man and at least one woman.

For example, budget permitting, you might choose Roger Federer’s serve, Andy Murray’s returns, Serena Williams’ power, Richard Gasquet’s net play and Maria Sharapova’s mental strength.

How exactly do I score points?
Your player scores points according to the stats of their five selections.

SERVE (3pts per ace, minus 3pts per double fault)
POWER (2pts per winner, minus 1pt per unforced error) 
RETURNS (percentage of receiving points won i.e. 33% = 33 points)
NET PLAY (2pts per net point won, minus 1pt per net point lost)
MIND (7pts per break point converted)

Are there any bonus points?
Yes. You must choose one of your initial five attributes to be your 'wildcard', which will then earn you double points throughout the tournament. If your wildcard loses early and you want to change that attribute, you can, but you will no longer score double points for the new selection.

Can I make changes?
Yes – you can make as many changes as you want before the tournament begins. Once it has begun, you can then make FIVE more after each round.

Can I play in my own mini-league as well as competing overall?

How do I keep track of my score?
The stats are updated as close to live as possible and the leaderboards will tell you where you are overall and within your own leagues.

How are the prices for each player-attribute decided?
In each of the five categories, prices are decided according to that player’s statistical performance at Wimbledon over the past three years. Players who haven't played at Wimbledon in the past three years are priced at 100 in all categories and all wildcards and lucky losers, who haven't played in the three years, are priced at 50.

What prizes are on offer?
The overall winner can choose from a pair of tickets for the 2015 men’s singles final or ladies’ singles final. Two weekly winners will win an official Wimbledon towel and a Grounds Pass for the 2015 Championships. The organiser of the top-scoring mini-league will win an official Wimbledon towel and a Grounds Pass for the 2015 Championships. 

Can I enter after the event begins?
Yes, you can enter at any time, but the earlier you enter, the greater the chance to win the overall prize. You can still win other prizes, however, and still play in your own mini-league.

How many players can I choose from?
You can pick from any of the 256 players in the men’s and ladies’ singles draws. If a player pulls out once the Championships begin, their replacement will be added to the list.

How do I get started?

Go to fantasy.wimbledon.com to start creating your champion.

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