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Why you should download the Wimbledon App

by Nick McCarvel
Monday 23 June 2014

Introducing the new Wimbledon app, for iPhone, Android and iPad...

If the “Quiet, please.” banner on the Wimbledon mobile app welcome screen is any indication, the storied event has stuck with its traditional look for a modern everyday function. Back for its sixth instalment, the app – available on iPhones, iPads and Androids – is as sleek yet usable as ever.

Below, we run down the best features of the apps on each device, giving you an inside guide to your window to The Championships 2014.

On each device, users get exactly what they think they would out of a tennis tournament app: Live scores, results, draws, orders of play and news are all featured on the left-hand rail. Also included are Wimbledon musts, including the Live Blog and Live at Wimbledon broadcasts, which includes both radio and video streams throughout the day.

The key is swiping. One of the best features of the app this year is the swipe down, which allows you to personalise a stream of content that you curate of chosen app sections. For example, I chose the live blog as my first item (never a moment missed there) as well photos, news and the Social Hill. You can pick whatever you want, just do so on the preferences page.

Once into a certain section, you can also swipe right to move through the content there. Reading a news story about Novak Djokovic? Swipe to get to the next story. In each section, you can favourite content (hit the star button at the top) so you have content coming to you for the players you want.

If you’re not much for scrolling, the app specialises in push notifications – all of which are chosen by you. Want to follow a specific player or players? The app will ping you when something is happening with him or her. You can customise by player and by country, or even just by event. Happen to be only interested in the mixed doubles? No problem. The app will let you know.

More than anything, this is a full-frame, image-based app the gives the flavour and ambiance of the All England Club to you via a screen on your device. The background images change as the day goes on in London. Added this year are the Social Hill (daily questions, asked to you and to those avid Wimbledon fans on The Hill) section and the ability to share any content socially – just click the social channel’s icon on the content and off you go.

And, understandably, the Wimbledon icon at the top of the phone – that takes you back to the home screen.

Avid tennis fans might most enjoy the scoreboard section, which is displayed as a mock-up of a real Wimbledon scoreboard out on the grounds. Real-time scores, stats and updates come through on the board, all while looking like it’s at the All England Club itself.

The iPad is used to its fullest in the 360-degree virtual videos of the grounds, where cameras take you inside the show courts and let you view what you like. Users can take the Champion’s walk from the gentlemen’s and ladies’ dressing rooms to Centre Court and interact with the visuals of the courts themselves.

Most of all, the iPad is immersive and visual – it oozes Wimbledon – and how things look on site at the tournament. There is no scrolling feed, but iPad users can enjoy the app over a cup of tea (or perhaps with strawberries and cream?). And, like the iPhone, it marks the first time that content is readily shareable to social channels via the icon buttons.

You can paste the iPhone section here, as everything that happens on that phone will happen on the Android, as well. Perhaps the most exciting for Android users is that the app will fit to your screen – no matter the size. Every Android phone can fully experience the app to its fullest – and most beautiful – potential.

Now, go download what works best for you. And remember: Quiet, please. 

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