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The things they say... quotes from the first week

Serena and Venus Williams share a laugh on Day Three
by Helen Gilbert
Saturday 28 June 2014

Anti-ageing tips, Tube rides, and close friendships were just some of the topics discussed by players this week. Here’s what they had to say:

“Well, wisdom has served me well.  I've worn my sunscreen so I haven't aged terribly. My knees are very tight, not saggy. And the crow's feet have been kept at bay. So I'll give myself an A+,” Venus Williams, who before being dispatched by Petra Kvitova in the third round, was the oldest remaining woman in the ladies’ singles draw. 

“You just get visions of a car coming round that corner and hitting the dog. So I just stopped in front of the traffic, got out, stopped the traffic, then tried to stop the dog. The dog had obviously been chasing something because it was so tired, so it sat down on the road. I just grabbed it by the collar and threw it in the back of my car, then drove to the place where people where I live walk the dogs. I called the number that was on the tag. I left a message,” Andy Murray reveals he stopped traffic en route to Wimbledon to chase down a runaway labradoodle.

“I think I'm not that desperate. To be honest, you know, I'll just see what happens. I'm perfectly fine being single at the moment. It's pretty hard to sweep me off my feet. It would have to take someone very special. You know, you never know. I guess when you least expect it, it's going to come,” Caroline Wozniacki reveals why she will not be internet dating following her recent split with professional golfer Rory Mcllroy. 

“I think I picked a crowded hour. Maybe it's always like that. I'm just inexperienced. But it was nice. I think it was the quickest route at that point. But, yeah, I do enjoy doing that once in a while,” Maria Sharapova on why she chose to take the London Underground after spending the day at Queen’s last week.

“I love the travelling. That's the thing I like the most. I don't like sort of the flying and the airports and stuff. But once you get to different places, like this year I went to Acapulco, it was the first time I'd been there. I didn't know what to expect. I absolutely loved it. It was a great, great place to go. I think for a lot of tennis players, that's the nicest thing we get to do from a young age, get to travel the world. I wouldn't have got to do that in many other jobs, if you can call it that, what we do,” Andy Murray on the perks of being a professional tennis player.

“I'm not necessarily the person that wants to go look at a painting. It's a little static for me. I like history. I like the museums about the history of the city. Like the Museum of London. Those kind of things intrigue me a little bit more,” Venus Williams discusses the pastimes that tickle her fancy.

“Serena is a great girl. She is an amazing friend. She's always been there for me whenever I've needed her. You know, the other way around. It's great that you have such an amazing competitor, very professional athlete.  After everything that she's achieved in her professional career, as well, that she finds time. She wants to help out a friend who needs it sometimes,” Caroline Wozniacki praises her buddy Serena Williams.

“I saw the ball come on her. It was pretty impressive because she took it right to the chest. I was sorry for her. I said, OK, at the end I would give her something,” Jo-Wilfried Tsonga explains why he handed his towel to a female spectator following his third round triumph over Jimmy Wang.

“I can't say it's wrong for the players to go straight to their box after they win the match because I understand the need to share this beautiful moment and victory with your closest ones. Maybe it doesn't look proper for this kind of history and tradition we have in Centre Court in Wimbledon, for the rules, just the general image. But I believe that's also part of sincere emotions that the players show in the end, wanting to celebrate with their closest ones,” Novak Djokovic struggles with the news that the All England Club is discouraging players from climbing up on the commentary box roof if they win the event.

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