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The Draw: 30 June

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016 12:36 PM BST
Wimbledon word around the world: Day 8
Sam Querrey and Milos Raonic have both stared defeat in the face. Now one will be in the semi-finals READ MORE

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"OK, why not? Why couldn't Sam Querrey win Wimbledon? This is a crazy question," the Wall Street Journal mused after the American, who defeated Novak Djokovic in the third round, progressed to a first Grand Slam quarter-final.

"But [that question] would have been even crazier early last week - like asking whether pizza would taste better when you put it in the blender. Back then, Querrey had lost the first two sets of his first round match at Wimbledon to Lukas Rosol, the long-limbed Czech who beat Rafael Nadal in the second round here in 2012. Querrey looked finished - until he wasn't."

After the excitement of Saturday's victory over Djokovic - which was the Serb's first defeat at a Grand Slam for more than a year - the danger was that Querrey' fourth round match against Frenchman Nicolas Mahout would prove to be a let-down. As it turned out, Querrey went through in straight sets, and the Wall Street Journal noted: "The high did not set Querrey up for an ugly crash."

Querrey will now play Milos Raonic, who, according to the National Post, has been greatly helped by his grass court consultant John McEnroe, a winner of three Wimbledon singles titles. On Monday, the Canadian came from two sets down for the first time in his career for a victory over Belgium's David Goffin. As the National Post noted, McEnroe, who is a busy man at the All England Club, watched as much of the match as he could: "McEnroe was sitting in the front row at the beginning of Raonic's match but had to leave during a third-set rain delay due to his television commentary duties. It didn't seem to bother Raonic."

How has McEnroe changed Raonic's approach to this tournament? Reuters news agency liked Raonic's play at the net: "Some of his clutch volleying in the latter stages would have impressed McEnroe." The National Post thinks that Raonic has more presence on court this summer: "McEnroe has worked to improve Raonic's on-court attitude, getting him to impose himself more."

A lumberjack, axing down mighty serves and swinging away with his forehand...

- Reuters on Raonic

No doubt, the Slazengers will take a beating when Querrey and Raonic play on Wednesday. The New York Times wrote how, on each side of the net, you will find "an imposing North American whose game is built around a large serve and forehand".

More from Reuters on how Raonic goes about his business at the All England Club - they likened him to "a lumberjack, axing down mighty serves and swinging away with his forehand to topple opponents with his brute force." So who will come through that one? Giant-killing Sam or Jonny Mac's protege? One thing you can be pretty sure of: there will be at least one tie-break.

Meanwhile, The Times has noted how Richard Williams, the father and first coach of Serena and Venus, has not been on the scene for a few years now. "Father Williams used to be a familiar, garrulous presence at Wimbledon," the paper noted. "Now the constant presence is an absentee guru. He has not been to Wimbledon for the past four years. Some of it can be put down to age. He is 74."

Richard Williams has always been a tennis maverick. You have to think he would like that question posed by the Wall Street Journal. No, not the one about putting a pizza in the blender. But whether Querrey can do the unthinkable for the second time this week (beating Djokovic was the first occasion).

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