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Qualifying begins: 26 June

The Draw: 30 June

Pre-event Press Conferences: 1 & 2 July

Order of Play: 2 July

Championships begin: 3 July


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Monday, 3 July 2017
23:00 PM BST

Jelena Ostapenko: First round

Jelena Ostapenko speaks to the media after the 6-0, 1-6, 6-3 win against Aliaksandra Sasnovich

Q. It was a very up-and-down match. How did you feel being able to get through it in the end?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: Yeah, I mean, first matches are always tough. First set I was playing pretty well, very confident. Second set she started to play good, served better. I missed a little bit like unforced errors. And then third set I played good, I think.

Q. It's your first slam as a Grand Slam champion. I guess, has it been feeling in any way differently?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: I just feel a bit more confident. But still, first matches, as I said, are tough. I was just trying to play my game today.

Q. Have you had to do more press and things like that this tournament, before this tournament started?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: I mean, obviously, yes, because I won the Grand Slam just a couple of weeks ago and now more attention from everyone.

Q. Do you feel like, I'm going to do everything exactly the same way like I did in Paris, same procedures, the same, superstitions or something?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: I mean, kind of, yes. But a little bit, no. Because it's different surface and different -- you have to play different here. And also different conditions.

Q. Thoughts on your next match.
JELENA OSTAPENKO: Yeah, I don't know who I play, but I'm just gonna try to play my game (smiling).

Q. You don't look at the draw?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: I'm going to look, I mean, today probably, but still didn't look, yeah.

Q. I guess you had to wait all day to find out when your match was, right? Was it scheduled from the start or no?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: It was scheduled, but then the matches before me took so long, so I had to wait the whole day and we finished, like, just after 9:00. So it was pretty dark the last couple of games.

Q. Was it like in the back of your mind, I really want to finish it now so we don't have to finish it tomorrow?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: Yeah, I wanted to finish it today, because was, like, it got dark when it was like 5-1 for me in the third set and I just wanted to finish one game because I didn't really want to come tomorrow to play only one game and to warm up and prepare for the match and I couldn't practice.

Q. What are the biggest adjustments you have made for switching surfaces?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: I mean, just maybe to stay more aggressive and serve and return better, because it's very important on grass.

Q. You were pretty aggressive in Paris, though.
JELENA OSTAPENKO: Yeah, I know, but still it's clay court and I was playing a little bit maybe less risky on clay. I mean, I was playing aggressive because it's my style. Sometimes I was just trying, like, to change the rhythm or something. But here you have to play aggressive because it's very hard to move on grass.

Q. There are levels of risky and aggression beyond what you did in Paris? That's amazing. Sounds amazing to me because you were so aggressive in Paris. But I guess for you...
JELENA OSTAPENKO: Yeah, I was, like when I had a chance.

Q. I know in Paris you said you didn't know if you were going to continue with Anabel but I believe she's been with you on the grass as well?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: Yeah, she's with me here. Yeah.

Q. But you haven't figured out beyond that? Your future plans?
JELENA OSTAPENKO: I mean, I will see how I do here and then we will decide after the tournament. I don't want to decide anything during the tournament.