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Qualifying begins: 26 June

The Draw: 30 June

Pre-event Press Conferences: 1 & 2 July

Order of Play: 2 July

Championships begin: 3 July


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Wednesday, 5 July 2017 16:56 PM BST
News from Mission Control: Day 3
Wimbledon Announcer, Allis Moss, rounds up the day from her vantage point at The Championships READ MORE

The tennis continues to excite and temperatures to nudge 30 degrees.

I deliver a gentle reminder to drink plenty of water and cover up.

I speak from the experience of reporting in sub-Saharan Africa, where it was 40 degrees in the shade and I ended up in a field hospital with heatstroke and a drip in my arm.

I have learnt my lesson. With play proceeding, I am surplus to requirements so set off in cap and factor 50 to mingle with the crowds at SW19.

Joanna, from Wales, and Thomas, from Denmark, are both sporting what is a permanent fixture here: the Wimbledon sombrero with tennis balls in the brim. Others are using brollies as parasols.

Monali, Tushar and their daughter, Saee, are doing just that on their second trip from Cardiff, after they fell in love with The Championships on their maiden visit last year.

Nahrain, over from Washington DC with a player sponsor, asks me to take her picture in front of the holy grail of Centre Court.

One thing I love about Wimbledon is the mix you get. From frothy fabrics in rainbow colours to sober black - others just in T-shirt, tattoo and shorts. Maureen from Chelmsford, who wants to see Andy Murray play (who doesn’t?), is in sky blue.

The ball boys and ball girls are holding the large green-and-purple striped sunshades over the players during their breaks.

The band I heard tuning up earlier has taken a break. The Pimm’s and pink lemonade are out. And so are the ants.

The weather has no doubt induced this species of ant to emerge from whatever stage of metamorphosis it was in to mate. They are crawling about on our first floor window and you can see them zipping across court on TV.

On another trip, I landed in Nairobi the day their much meatier ants grew larger wings, mated and dropped where they were. The difference then was that it happened to be a harvest of sorts. Those ants, which resembled crane flies, were gathered in and fried up for a feast.

Steve from the Met Office, pacing in front of the Konta-Vekic match on screen, says tomorrow the mercury is set to creep even higher.

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