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Recipes from Wimbledon: Smoked trout and hen's egg

Smoked trout and hen's egg

4 smoked trout fillets
60g fine green beans
Jar of roasted red peppers
Little gem lettuce
Mustard cress
4 hard-boiled eggs

Horseradish dressing:
40g horseradish sauce
40g mayonnaise
20g crème fraiche

Ciabatta croutons:
Ciabatta bread
Rapeseed oil
Table Salt
Ground white pepper

1. Preheat your oven to 180C.
2. Dice the ciabatta bread into 1” cubes, toss in the oil and seasoning and put into the oven until golden.
3. Flake the smoked trout into large flakes. Wash the lettuce and cut into bite-size pieces.
4. Make the dressing by mixing the horseradish and crème fraiche with the mayonnaise and season to taste.
5. Drain the red peppers and cut into strips, cut the mustard cress and keep in cold water.
6. Cut the hard boiled eggs into quarters.
7. Dress the lettuce in some of the dressing; place some of the salad mix on the plate, then some trout, egg, beans, red peppers and croutons. Repeat this 3 or 4 times finishing with mustard cress, boiled egg quarters and croutons.

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