Monday, 3 July 2017 14:48 PM BST
Sam Querrey: First round

Sam Querrey talks to the media after his 7-6, 7-5, 6-2 win over Thomas Fabbiano in the first round 

Q. What sort of effect does the way Wimbledon went for you last year, if any, have this year?
SAM QUERREY: Maybe a little bit. I always preferred playing here. It's always been my favorite Grand Slam. I always feel I have my best results here. I already felt confident coming into this tournament, regardless of last year. That maybe gives me a little extra boost, but not much.

Q. What went well for you today, would you say?
SAM QUERREY: Just kind of fought through some tough times. Maybe didn't play my best. You know, it was a little windy out there. I was down a break first set and the second set. But just kind of stuck with it and tried not to get too frustrated. I knew if I kind of just stayed the course, I'd have some chances.

Q. Coming in, in general are you someone who comes to a place and says, This is what for me would be a successful tournament?
SAM QUERREY: No, not really. I mean, definitely want to make the third round and anything past that is great.