Tuesday, 4 July 2017 18:28 PM BST
Katie Boulter: First round

Katie Boulter speaks to the media after the 3-6, 7-5, 6-3 defeat against Christina McHale

Q. I spoke briefly to your mother after the match and she was obviously very proud of the way you played, especially after coming back from the last couple of years. What was it like having her there courtside watching you?
KATIE BOULTER: I think it's amazing, actually. I look at it now, and I have been through so much. To have her there by my side the whole time - she's also an inspiration to me - and she keeps me going day to day.

Q. And the Wimbledon crowd? What was it like being here, home ground, this tournament? What was it like hearing them cheer for you?
KATIE BOULTER: I think the only word I've got for it now is "wow." They really helped me out there today. They lifted me up when I needed lifting up, and I'm thoroughly appreciative of that.

Q. What's your overall emotion right now? One of disappointment or pride for the way you performed?
KATIE BOULTER: I'm completely devastated this one moment. I'm sure in the next couple of days I will reflect on it a little bit more.

Of course I'm proud to represent my country and to give my all. That's where I'm at right now.

Q. What particularly devastated you? Because you felt, you sensed you had the opportunity to go and win that.
KATIE BOULTER: Yeah, definitely. I really felt like I could win the match, and I was in with a chance. From the very first ball I felt comfortable out there. I'm very happy with the way I played. Yeah.

Q. There was some quotes that you were reading at one point, maybe not quotes but motivational expressions. Was that something you try to do for yourself before the match?
KATIE BOULTER: It's something myself and my coach and my team have talked about and it's something that helps me remind myself of what I have to do when I go out. Yeah, I think it helped me a lot today.

Q. Is there anything else you did to prepare mentally? Listen to a song or anything?
KATIE BOULTER: I don't really have a specific song but something upbeat gets me going, and footwork drills and stuff like that.

Q. On those notes, can you just tell us what they were? Anything in particular? Which ones were most important to you?
KATIE BOULTER: That would be telling. That's a secret. Come on (smiling). I know. Come on. Give me the benefit of the doubt (smiling).

You know, I think a lot of it is just to believe in myself and to trust my game.

Q. McHale has been inside the top 100 for a long time. For most of the match you looked like the better player. How encouraged are you by that?
KATIE BOULTER: Definitely. I know she's a great player and she's had a higher ranking than she's had. She's comfortably here every single day of the week. I know she can do well in this tournament.

But I went out there today believing that I could win the match, and, you know, I was aggressive and did what I needed to do. Unfortunately she got a little bit lucky, she played well.

On another day, you know, I'd back myself.

Q. Do you feel nerves played a factor in the end?
KATIE BOULTER: Most definitely. I mean, it's my Wimbledon debut. It is something that I have dreamed of since I was a little girl. I have always wanted to play here. I think it would be wrong if anyone, inhumane if you weren't nervous.

Q. That feeling of belonging, you now know that you can survive and thrive at this kind of level. That must give you a lot of confidence and heart to go on to the next stage now.
KATIE BOULTER: Yeah, definitely. I think it's something that will give me a lot of confidence moving forward, and I'm so thankful for Wimbledon to giving me the opportunity to put my skills against someone who is ranked so much higher than me. And it will push me into the next bracket of where I'm trying to reach.

Q. I saw Katie Swan was cheering you on as well. How important was that to have the backing of other tennis players and your friends?
KATIE BOULTER: Definitely. I know a lot of my friends have been supporting me today. I received so many messages from them. Katie and I will be playing doubles tomorrow, so it was great to have her there supporting me and cheering me along.

Q. Where does your mental toughness come from? I saw you stood on the court motionless a long time, had been broken in the third set, and then she goes and fires an ace first point next game. Next point, you belt a backhand down the line. Where does that come from?
KATIE BOULTER: I think it's within you. It's the drive that pushes me along every single day. It just shows how much I want this and how much I want to be at this level.

Yeah, I have been working on it of course with my coaches and what have you, but a lot of it comes from me.

Q. Players today have been saying they are actually bored playing at Wimbledon, lacking motivation. You're obviously the opposite end of the spectrum. Can you not even comprehend feeling like that?
KATIE BOULTER: I cannot even comprehend how someone can say it's boring at Wimbledon. For me, personally, I think it's the best place to play in the world, and I look forward to any opportunities that I have here.

Q. How have you dealt personally with the attention? There has been a lot of focus on you the last 24 hours. That must be a new thing for you, as well. Have you enjoyed it? How have you dealt with it? Frustrated?
KATIE BOULTER: No, I think I've taken it as a positive. I see a lot of people getting behind me. I mean, it's great. I can't complain at all. Nerves always come along with things. It's fine. I'm trying to do my best, and that's all I can do.

Q. What were your expectations of playing at Wimbledon for the first time? How did the actual experience contrast with those?
KATIE BOULTER: I think it was better than I ever expected. I mean, you cannot describe the feelings that go through you when you play that match.

Especially when you really feel like you have a chance to win it and progress and get better when you're out there.

Yeah, much better than I even ever thought or dreamt of.

Q. How much of an inspiration is Jo Konta?
KATIE BOULTER: I think she's been a huge inspiration. I have known her a few years now. And, yeah, I have seen her progress, especially her mental strength. I have so much respect for her on and off the court for those reasons.

Q. This is obviously a fantastic occasion for you to play, but it's kind of not the reality for you. Are you ready in yourself to sort of keep grinding it out in front of small crowds and more obscure places than this? That's what is going to make you a player, I guess?
KATIE BOULTER: Most definitely. I think it's driven me and it's given me anything that I could possibly think of.

The motivation is so high right now for me. Of course I'm upset today, but I'm striving to be here, and that's where I want to be.

I'm going to keep working as hard as I possibly can to get here.

Q. You mentioned about being hungry. Is your motivation higher than ever before after experiencing the match like that, almost making it through to the second round?
KATIE BOULTER: Yes, for sure. I know my skills are compatible with these players. You know, I mean, she's very high in the rankings and it's where I want to be next year. It's where I want to be for the rest of my career.

So knowing that I can compete here and be comfortable in this environment really drives me.