Tuesday, 4 July 2017 18:39 PM BST
Yuichi Sugita: First round

Yuichi Sugita talks to the media after the 7-6(5), 6-3, 6-0 win against Brydan Klein

Q. How crucial was it for you to win that first set and then build your confidence from there?
YUICHI SUGITA: Yeah, actually, I played really well after the second and third. I mean, he drop a lot for the first set, and really difficult to play against him on first.

But after second, I can dominate for the game. So I don't know why he don't use the drop a lot after the second, so I can always dominate for the second and third. I play well after second set.

Q. Mentally, what has changed for you over the past five months? The fact is in February you were No. 134. Now you're up to 44. What has changed mentally?
YUICHI SUGITA: Very simple now. Before I was really up and down. Sometimes I played good. But, you know, the tennis is a tournament. If I lost third round I cannot get the points. Now is I can play five matches. I can win the tournament. I can barely focus on the five matches. This is a really big important improve things.

Q. Has there been a change in your team? The fact from Barcelona obviously reaching the quarterfinals and obviously the results that you have had. Has there been some sort of way you train, physical conditioning? What's been the big difference?
YUICHI SUGITA: I mean, I can choose the tournament. Before, I have to play a lot of tournament. I mean, I really catch for the point, I was thinking a lot.

But now I can make good training season and then I can choose a good tournament. So this is a big things.

But I'm lucky. I mean, actually, with Barcelona, I was a Lucky Loser and I get the point. Afterward I can choose good tournament after that. Very important things is I make a lot of training season from last year. That's why I make good result.