Monday, 10 July 2017 16:50 PM BST
Caroline Garcia: Fourth round

Caroline Garcia speaks to the media after the 7-6(3), 4-6, 6-4 defeat against Johanna Konta

Q. Bad luck today. It was a very, very even match. Where was it where she won it overall?
CAROLINE GARCIA: It's hard to say right now. Actually, I don't know really where is the difference. Maybe she return a little bit better in the third set, actually in the last game.

But, yeah, it was like you say. It was very even. It was not too much different in three sets. It was very tight, and for sure I have some regret on the last game.

Q. How disappointed are you after putting in such a performance?
CAROLINE GARCIA: A lot, definitely. It was very tight match, and I really played my game. Like sometimes in the past, in the big match in the Grand Slam, I didn't play a very good match. But today was a good match. I serve very well through all the match. There is some improvement in my game, but for sure it's disappointing to lose after a close fight.

Q. There were some suggestions that your dad up in the stands was giving you signals during the match. How do you respond to that?
CAROLINE GARCIA: He's like 100% of the coach on tour. Nothing more, nothing else.

Q. That they do the same thing?
CAROLINE GARCIA: I mean, what did he do?

Q. Well, there were some images of him doing some various hand movements which looked a bit suspicious.
CAROLINE GARCIA: I mean, you think I'm looking at my dad for 20 seconds trying to understand what he is telling me? Sometimes he's doing things like that because he is disappointing of what I lose. Sometimes he claps like every single coach. Sometime he shows like every single coach. But there is nothing more, nothing less. It's just, like, whatever.

Q. Jo's performance, we talked about pressure beforehand and what it's like to play in front of a home crowd. Do you think she showed today that she can handle the pressure?
CAROLINE GARCIA: Yeah, she can. She can definitely handle the pressure, and she did well in three first rounds already. So I know she was going to handle the pressure well. She was going to play a good match. I was ready for it.

I was not ready for her to be emotional or anything. So yeah, I think she's doing good. I don't know how she did in the past, but she's a very tough player, very good player, and she did very well in the Grand Slam, so it's not a surprise for me.

Q. Do you think she has a good chance of going the whole way?
CAROLINE GARCIA: Always difficult to say. It's a lot of great girls staying in the competition, so I don't really know. But for sure she's very aggressive and it's working very well on grass.

Q. Back to your dad, I know you're saying you didn't take any notice of him. Do you think he was trying to get your attention rather than...
CAROLINE GARCIA: No, he's not going to make any difference on one match like this, for sure. Even sometimes on the WTA Tour when there is coaching and they can't come on court, it's not making any difference, either, because maybe you have one minute to talk and it's not making any difference. So like 20, 30 meters away, what do you want him to do?

Q. You seemed quite frustrated coming off the court. Do you feel Jo's celebrations were over the top?
CAROLINE GARCIA: Oh, no, no, I was just frustrated with my last ball. I mean, she celebrated the way she celebrated. I have nothing to say about it. It's great moment for her. She deserve to, yeah, to stay on court. But on the Court 1, on Centre, Wimbledon, you have to go together, so it's always, when you lost, you always a little bit sad and disappointing and you just want to go away as fast as you can. But I'm not frustrating at all by the way she celebrating. I understand 100%.

Q. As I understand it, you said your father was not coaching you?

Q. Could you tell us what these symbols mean? He did that, that, and that (demonstrating). Can you tell us what those things mean if that's not coaching?
CAROLINE GARCIA: Okay, I didn't see any of this, so I'm sorry. When I watch at my dad, I just want to catch his eye, nothing more. You probably saw way better than me because the TV is focused on him, but when I watch my dad, I just turn my head to him, nothing more.

Sometimes maybe he tried, but I don't know. I don't think so. But I know it's difficult to be outside of the court for every single coach. He try to give me the most energy he can, but coaching is not something over -- I mean, is this the only thing you're going to remember from the match?

Q. I'm wondering what those symbols mean if they are not instructions.
CAROLINE GARCIA: I mean, I don't know. I can't tell you. I didn't see any symbol, sign like this, like you said, so I can't tell you.

Q. Will you mention all these questions to your dad so he doesn't behave in a way that casts suspicion in future? If he's not coaching you, then perhaps he needs to find a different gesture or not do any gesture of any type?
CAROLINE GARCIA: Maybe I'm going to talk with him about the match and what I can improve, and I'm not going to talk about any coaching things. So I played a lot of matches on big court, on TV court, and I'm sure we already see him a lot of time on TV and it was the first time we ever mention that.

I don't know what can I say to you? I mean, I know there is a lot of coaching on court. We are sometimes talking sometimes to just trying to push a player, trying to improve, trying to find the most as you can, trying to improve every single point. So maybe sometimes there is something we can go wrong, but is not trying to coaching me like the wrong way.