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Pavlyuchenkova adds a splash of colour to Wimbledon

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova with pink hair
by Courtney Nguyen
Saturday 23 June 2012

Green. Purple. White. These are the colours of Wimbledon and they are the bedrock over which the air of tradition lingers here. So how exactly does one get around the All England Club's fairly rigid rule requiring the Competitors dress in white from head to toe? The guidelines regarding Wimbledon's predominantly white clothing rule states the following:

- No solid mass of colouring
- Little or no dark or bold colours
- No fluorescent colours
- Preference towards pastel colours
- Preference for the back of the shirt to be totally white
- Preference for shorts and skirts to be totally white
- All other items of clothing, including hats, socks and shoe uppers to be predominantly white

Some competitors have tried to express their individuality and flair -- and perhaps their penchant for rebellion -- by sneakily working bold colors into their kits. Frenchwoman Tatiana Golovin cheekily tried to buck the rule in 2007 by wearing bright red tennis shorts under her all-white kit. Similarly, Serena Williams, inspired by the ubiquitous strawberries and cream that pock the grounds during the Fortnight, won her last Wimbledon title in 2010 wearing an off-white dress and red tennis shorts. That's the thing about rebels, you can never keep them down.

This year, Anastasia Pavluchenkova is taking a different tact in bringing some color to the courts. While the guidelines offer proscriptions as it comes to clothing, hats, and shoes, they say nothing with regard to every woman's favorite accessory: hair. As such, the Russian world No.33 visited the Clay Salon and Spa in Surrey and, channeling her inner Gwen Stefani, had her hair coloured hot pink as part of her pre-tournament preparations. Forehand? Check. Backhand? Check. Punk rock hair? Double check.

So what's the verdict on Nastia's new look? Tell us what you think in the comments. 

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