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And the winner is ... Men’s Championships towels

The new Museum Shop at Wimbledon
by Sarah Edworthy
Sunday 7 July 2013

Question: What effect on the crowd dynamic does extremely varied weather and a British Wimbledon champion have during Championships fortnight?

Answer: Many stampedes to the Wimbledon shops and kiosks for umbrellas, fleeces, sweaters and jackets (when cold and rainy), sun caps, Panama hats, T-shirts and more umbrellas (when the sun was unrelenting) – and, of course, items to commemorate Murray’s magnificent landmark win.

As of 5pm today – i.e. before Andy had converted his fourth Championship point prompting a stampede bigger than the annual migration of wildebeest across the African plains – the best-seller list stood at:

Men’s Championships towel                         16,000

Ladies Championships towel                        12,000

Mini tennis ball key ring                                11,500

Midi yellow tennis ball                                   9,500

Twin-pack wristbands                                    9,000

Can of dated tennis balls                               8,000

Racket key ring                                              8,000

Super mini umbrella                                       8,000

Mini ball                                                          6,000

Crossed Rackets T-shirt                               6,000

Ironically, the products that disappeared from the shelves at the same time in the first week as Rafa, Roger, Serena, Maria, Victoria and Co are billed great performers. These included the Lanson zip-up Champagne coolers in pink, purple and white that resembled a polo shirt, a pink strawberry motif beach towel and the Links of London 2013 charm as well as many tennis performance-wear lines.

Double the amount of junior rackets were sold compared with previous years – which is a huge encouragement for the generation inspired by Andy Murray. Another range to prove extremely popular was the baby towelling products – a wash mitt and a cuddle robe – adorned with the line ‘No. 1 seed growing!’

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