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Oliver Golding - first round

Monday 25 June 2012

I. ANDREEV/O. Golding

1‑6, 7‑6, 7‑6, 7‑5

Q. How are you feeling about that? Obviously you had your chances, didn't you? Is it very frustrating?

OLIVER GOLDING: Yeah, devastation. I mean, I left everything out on the court. I couldn't have given anything more than what I did. It just wasn't to be today. I had my chances. I was, you know, a little bit unlucky in the third‑set tiebreak.

I mean, didn't really stick a volley away at 3‑2. I think he caught the back edge of the line. The challenge of Hawk‑Eye. 6‑5‑up, went for a second serve and then tried to put a bit too much kick on it and just shanked it slightly, which happens.

Wasn't really that tight, to be honest, because I was playing at a pretty high level and playing well. So it was just a bit unfortunate.

You know, in the fourth set I hadn't lost my serve until the first game of the match, which was again like just got a little bit nervous. Yeah, I mean, played a bit of a ropey last game. Yeah.

Q. You must have thought you were on for a decent match after the first set, because you broke him twice even after losing your own serve.

OLIVER GOLDING: Yeah, I knew he was going to come into the match. He's a great player. He's been 18 in the world, so he knows how to play tennis and he knows how to tough out matches.

You know, great first set, but I knew his level was going to come up, as well. It wasn't going to be like that for three sets. You know, just was trying to stay with him in the second and maybe sneak ahead. I did that quite well. Then he played a little bit too well in the tiebreak.

I mean, yeah, the more I play those sort of matches, the better I'll sort of come through them, I think.

Q. Does how upset you are sort of show us what you think of your ability in a nice way? You're upset because you think you should be able to win a game like that even though your ranking is obviously a million miles apart at the moment.

OLIVER GOLDING: I mean, yeah. I feel like I've got the game to play at this level, and, you know, if I'm sitting here having lost 2 and 1, I wouldn't be this devastated, to be honest.

I'm obviously upset because I had chances, and I was in the match. I mean, maybe on a different day with a little bit of luck I'd win one of those two tiebreaks and I'm two sets to one, two sets to love up.

I think I think it was a little bit unfortunate today, and he was maybe a little bit more experienced than me, as well.

Q. In a sense, does your determination actually grow ‑‑ I know it's difficult a half hour after the match, but your determination to get better and get stronger and get more used to these kind of matches and be out there again, does it grow after a situation like this?

OLIVER GOLDING: Yeah, I mean, probably now it's just tough to think it, but it was an amazing experience to play on a pretty big court against a player like that, very good player.

You know, I held my own out there. But I want to be at that level every week. I don't really want to be playing futures. No disrespect to the Futures Tour, because there is a lot of decent players on there, as well. I don't want to be playing that level every week. I want to be here playing these tournaments week in and week out and hopefully going deep in them.

Q. What especially were you satisfied with? You served very well at certain stages. I know you had a double here or there and that's to be expected almost. Were you pleased with certain elements of your game today?

OLIVER GOLDING: Yeah, I thought I served obviously, as you said, very, very well, and I didn't think I returned badly, either. Actually thought I returned pretty well. But his serve ball today was unbelievable. I mean, if I wasn't hitting a very big return, I was watching the ball go past me with his forehand.

I haven't seen the stats, but I would say my return percentage of actually making them was pretty high. You know, from the back of the court he's ‑‑ I mean, he's got an unbelievable forehand, and it's tough to ‑‑ yeah, I mean, I came forward pretty well. I thought I did everything pretty well, to be honest. There wasn't much else I could have done there today.

Q. When we hopefully see you again this time next year, what are the two or three things that you really need to do to take you over that ledge? Because like you say, you were just so close.

OLIVER GOLDING: Experience is one thing, playing these sort of matches. Just maybe, you know, in the third‑set tiebreaker I'd be a little bit calmer under pressure, because, for me, that's a massive match for me.

For him, he's in his God knows how many years of playing on the tour, and he's played goodness knows how many of those matches. It's understandable it's going to be like that.

I think, you know, physically I can be stronger, but that's going to come a little bit with age, as well. I'm still reasonably young. I mean, mentally today I thought I was pretty good. I didn't give much away, and I held tough in a lot of service games. Yeah, I mean, I gave it everything I had.

Q. That double fault on set point, is that the sort of point you'll be playing over and over again in your mind?

OLIVER GOLDING: Yep. It's going to be tough, tough one to forget. But to be honest, it wasn't like I just sort of sat back and completely choked on it. I went for it a little bit. I was trying to kick off to his backhand. I kind of didn't want it to just sit there and him to smack a forehand past me.

I shanked it slightly, to be honest. It happens. I served so well for the whole match. I got broken first game of the match, and I didn't get broken again until 6‑5 in the fourth.

Until the fourth set, I can't even remember him getting to deuce even or certainly not having a break point. I can't really fault my serve. It's just unfortunate it came on that point, really.

It wasn't like I was sort of gagging on my second serve. I think at 6‑All, I hit a very good second serve, as well. I think if I would have gagged at 6‑5, I probably would have gagged at 6‑5 as well.

Q. What's your schedule now? Doubles here or back to the futures?

OLIVER GOLDING: I'm playing doubles here with Liam, yeah. Hopefully we can win a couple of matches in that and take each match as it goes, and then I'm back to the real world of futures after that.

Q. There is quite a camaraderie amongst you guys. Is that quite helpful?

OLIVER GOLDING: Yeah, it's brilliant. A lot of the guys, we all support each other when we can. Yeah, it's really good to have a good group sort of pulling each other along and trying to help each other, because, you know, we're kind of all in it together.

Maybe if we're both in sort of semis and final of these tournaments, then, you know, hopefully that will be the case one day, then maybe ‑‑ you know, we'll still be friends off the court, but it will be a lot more on it. But right now we're trying to put each other to that level.

Q. How did it compare to being on theWest End?

OLIVER GOLDING: Very, very different. I mean, I was very young when I did that, and that kind of doesn't really hit you, the importance of what you're doing, I think, at that age.

Here, it's something that I have been dreaming about for God knows how long, since I was three years old. First time I came here to watch, I've always wanted to play here in the men's.

Obviously I got a chance to do that in juniors, and that was amazing. I think it helped me a lot coming here this year, because I was a little bit tight in the first game, but I think, you know, once I got that out of my system and, you know, I wasn't really sort of hit by the occasion, I was in the match all the way.

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