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Tamira Paszek - First Round

Wednesday 27 June 2012

T. PASZEK/C. Wozniacki

5‑7, 7‑6, 6‑4

Q. I want to ask about your coaching relationship with Andrei. How has it been going? Is it meant to be for the long term? Does it bring results, last week's result and this victory? Which is quite surprising, to be honest. How is it going?

TAMIRA PASZEK: Well, it's been working great. I had a tough year with injuries and stuff. So after Indian Wells, we couldn't really work until we met before French Open.

We workedStrasbourgand then continuously for four weeks. We have both been working hard trying to give our best out here. Things just starting to fit together.

He's an amazing guy, very calm on court, so positive. He kept me going in the last few weeks when I was very down and depressed because I wasn't playing well.

Yeah, it's been working great, and it's definitely a long term process.

Q. So more to come?

TAMIRA PASZEK: That's for sure.

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