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Lukas Rosol - third round

Saturday 30 June 2012


6‑2, 6‑3, 7‑6

Q. Did you always feel it was going to be difficult after the match of Thursday to come out for a match like that?

LUKAS ROSOL: I thought it was difficult. There was couple people saying yesterday that I should not play doubles.

You know, I was feeling good today, but it was a little bit windy. Didn't help me a lot. He was playing pretty good today and he didn't gave me a lot of chances.

But, yeah, third set, I should have been ‑‑ maybe was couple ‑‑ he was not so good already, and you never know what can happen then after fourth set, fifth set.

But he was better today.

Q. Would you like to have been on a bigger court?

LUKAS ROSOL: Yeah, I mean, this court was not so really small. But, yeah, maybe if is bigger court can help me more. You know, I can't really ask for it. They always give me court.

Q. Did you think it was more a question of the way he played and the feeling of the court as opposed to anything in your own head? You weren't having problems psychologically?

LUKAS ROSOL: I didn't really feel it. You know, no, I mean, he know what to play against me. We didn't play before, but, you know, maybe he was ‑‑ I don't know how to answer this, you know.

I didn't really feel the first two sets that I have some chances. He always break me. Even if I have just small chance he even start to play better, yeah.

Q. What's it been like being a celebrity at Wimbledon, at least for 48 hours, and some of the requests that have come your way since you beat Rafael Nadal?

LUKAS ROSOL: Yeah, it was good feeling, you know. But still, you know, I have to think about next rounds. I was thinking only just to don't sleep and open eyes again and play good tennis. Just somebody will win one round and celebrate couple days and then can't play.

I was really like concentrate for today, but, you know, maybe all the people are like talking. Maybe you will lose second round. You can't play like this again, again, you know.

But, yeah, I mean, he was playing too good today.

Q. Did you have some calls, people wanting your time?

LUKAS ROSOL: Oh, yeah. They ask me all these questions, yeah. They call me from Brazil, from this part of world, you know, but also from France. I always answer the same questions, you know, the answers.

Yeah, but, you know... [

Q. Can you speak about the Cologny Geneve where you played last year in Switzerland, and will you play for them again this year in a month?

LUKAS ROSOL: Yeah, we won a title there last year. Spoke with Timchenko Gennady, and he asked me to play again in his club, and said yes. I will be there.

Q. What is the story, if any, behind the cap you've chosen to wear?

LUKAS ROSOL: Well, there is no story. This is what I'm wearing. I choose this cap already like 10 years ago and always I have it with me. I have different colors. I'm supporting New York Yankees.

Is nothing like special, but I like them. I was a couple times on their match.

Q. Why the New York Yankees?

LUKAS ROSOL: Because I choose it a couple years ago, you know. Somebody will choose Mets. I choose this one.

Q. Can you talk a bit about the difference in atmosphere playing on Centre Court under the roof and now outdoors on Court 12? Looked at one point in the first set you tried to do a Hawk‑Eye challenge.

LUKAS ROSOL: There was couple bad calls, but it's always something like this.

Of course, the atmosphere was really different, but still cannot be every match atmosphere like this two days ago.

But, yeah, I mean, today was little bit different conditions than previous match. But, yeah, I mean, was windy. He had probably more power than me.

Q. Are you disappointed with the level of your own performance today?

LUKAS ROSOL: I am little bit, yeah. But what can I do, no? I try my best. I was trying couple ways, but I didn't find a good way to win today.

Q. Am I right in thinking that you don't have an agent?

LUKAS ROSOL: What kind of agent?

Q. A PR agent or marketing agent.

LUKAS ROSOL: There is one agent with me here, but he is not here with me now. You mean about the press?

Q. Yes.

LUKAS ROSOL: About the press I don't have.

Q. Do you think you need one?

LUKAS ROSOL: Who knows. I hope so. But I need to play couple more matches like this and then maybe I need one.

Q. Have you had to change any of your plans?

LUKAS ROSOL: Yeah. Next week I'm going to play in Germany in the challenger what I won last year. But then I'm going to play Stuttgart and Hamburg, these two ATPs in Germany.

Q. What is the prize money in the challenger that you won last year?

LUKAS ROSOL: 120, 100,000 Euros.

Q. How do you think you're going to look back at the match you played against Nadal when you have a chance to see the video?

LUKAS ROSOL: For sure I would like to see the video at home to see what's happened that day and that night.

For me it's already past. I have to look forward what's going to happen next days, next matches. I cannot live from this match what happened already. I have to live what's going to be.

Q. Are you confident that you will be able to achieve that level of play sometime again?

LUKAS ROSOL: I mean, yeah. Why not? Yeah, I hope so. I can play with anyone. That's what I feel. And also these players now they going to see they can lose against me.

Q. Does it feel strange to you you had that incredible match, and on the other hand if you don't win the challenger you're actually going to drop in the rankings?

LUKAS ROSOL: It's okay. I would prefer to play here, of course, than the challenger in Germany. In the rankings you are moving always up and down always. It's okay. This part of year I always playing good, so I'm looking forward to win couple more matches in this month and hope it's going to be fine.

Q. Do you have a full understanding of why you played so well the other night against Nadal?

LUKAS ROSOL: Yes, I know. I know myself. Sometimes I know, how I said already, I just wake up and I play good. Sometimes I'm so tired.

But two days ago was working good everything. Yeah, I knew that this can happen.

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