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Sara Errani first round

Monday 24 June 2013

Sara Errani gives her Wimbledon press conference following her 6-3 6-2 first round loss to Monica Puig.

Q. What went wrong today? What was the problem?

SARA ERRANI: Well, a mix of everything. For me, it's tough play for sure here on grass. She play a very good match. She serve very good. Not many mistake and she hit string the ball.

So was tough for me. Normally here is always bit tough for me moving. My big problem is I cannot move how I want, so it's did difficult for me.

Q. You must be a little bit sick of Wimbledon after last year with Shvedova and now this.

SARA ERRANI: No, no, it's a hard tournament for me, and of course it's very important. But I don't like too much the surface, so for this it's tough. But you cannot do all the weeks very good.

So I tried. Couldn't be today. She made a very good match, so well done for her also.

Q. Is there anything you think one day you can do to make life easier for yourself on grass?

SARA ERRANI:  I don't know (smiling). I don't know. If I know it, I try it. But I try to make more physical. I've tried to come here with some days to prepare here.

But it's very tough for me here. I'm afraid to fell on the floor and make me injury. So it's fighting by yourself running and running. I cannot move, so that is my problem.

Maybe one day I will not be afraid anymore, but it's difficult.

Q. Can you describe your thoughts on your opponent today and what her future might be?

SARA ERRANI: She is very good. I thought maybe in the second can be a bit of tension of course some points in the end. But she's very good player. She serve very good. On the baseline she made today many winners and not too many mistakes.

This is very important. She's been very, I don't know how to say, cold in the important moments. So this is good.

Q. What are the best things about her game, would you say?

SARA ERRANI: I don't know. All. Many things.  The serve was impressing me today because she serve many ... I don't know what was her percentage today, but she made a lot of first serve and a lot of fast serve.

So she can do slice, hit strong, kick, everything. So this is important.

Q. Plenty of people say there is really nobody who can beat Serena Williams right now. What are your thoughts on her and the difference between her and all the other players?

SARA ERRANI: She is very strong. This is maybe the more important thing, because she serve very strong, more than all the other players. So this is a good beginning. And also on the baseline. Of course she can have maybe one bad day, but if she stay like this competitive on the court, it's very difficult.

Q. Are you still suffering with the injury from last week that put you out of Eastbourne?

SARA ERRANI:  Well, of course it's a bit ... no. After Paris I was very tired. I had problems physically, but prevention, I didn't play Eastbourne, and so I've just come some days here before.

But of course if you are with a bit of injury and then you come here, and also without injury you have difficult moving, it's very difficult.

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