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Jerzy Janowicz first round

Monday 24 June 2013

Jerzy Janowicz gives his Wimbledon press conference following his 6-2 6-2 6-4 first round defeat of Kyle Edmund .

Q. I am doing a story about the serve, so I won't ask about the match but about your serve. Is the serve your favorite shot?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  Not really, no.  My favorite shot is forehand.

Q.  With what mindset do you serve?  To hit as many aces as possible?  Set the point up?  And what's the difference between first and second serve?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  Most important for me is to get the point.  Doesn't matter how if it's going to be ace.  Doesn't matter how.

And difference between first and second serve is second serve I'm kicking mostly.  The first serve is completely flat.  Sometimes I'm slicing, but mostly it's flat serve.

Also depends the surface, yeah.

Q.  And is the serve for powerful now on grass?  Do you see advantages with your height?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  Yeah, yeah.  On grass it's a little bit easier to get some points on my serve.

But the most important for me is to have a good ball.  That's the most important.  I don't care about the surface, but the ball is the most important for me.

Q.  You are one of the big guys serving, but you are also a returner.  Who's the best server in the game for you?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  The best server?

Q.  Yes.

JERZY JANOWICZ:  There is a lot of good servers.  John Isner.  Roger Federer is serving incredible because he's serving on the spots.  There are plenty, plenty of players with a good serve.

Q.  Last question from me.  I'm from Switzerland, so can you talk a little bit more about Roger Federer's serve?  Is it tough to read?

JERZY JANOWICZ:  I played against Roger once in Rome, so I remember during the important points he was serving ace perfectly on the line.  So this was quite annoying sometimes.

But, yeah, it's not easy to read his serve.  Second of all, he has unbelievable second serve.  He has great kick.

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