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Yen-Hsun Lu first round

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Yen-Hsun Lu gives his Wimbledon press conference following his 6-7(4) 6-4 7-6(11) 7-6(4) first round defeat of James Ward.

Q.  How do you feel that went today?

YEN HSUN LU:  It's good.  Very tough.  I mean, of course before the match I was already expecting would be a tough match, especially on grass play against him.  He always play good on grass.

So for me, I know he can play really well.  I respect him very much.  I mean, I don't really look what his ranking, but he really can damage some players on grass.

So I mean, we have, you know, he's leading, I have a set point, he has break point.  All the match is on and off.  He has chance; I have chance.

It's very good match, I have to say.  But fortunately I took maybe one two shot and play more aggressive than him, or maybe in the important point I choose the right shot to finish the point to take advantage.

So this is make today's score different.  But, I mean, he's playing very good.  I mean, for sure he can doing well in    I mean, for next grass tournaments or something.

I really 100% sure, yeah.

Q.  Did you get frustrated with the line calls today?  You both seemed it query some of them.

YEN HSUN LU:  I mean, really tough to now to judge about the bad call.  It's always happens, especially without the Hawk Eye.  You cannot really challenge.

Of course it a little bit bother me and bother him.  Also it sometimes break down the rhythm.  Also you think, Oh, this is my ball.  I have a chance because we have to start again.

It's these small things can change a little bit.  I mean, I'm happy I didn't get the bother and I still focus, especially after this kind of, you know, bad call or something.

So I'm really happy didn't bother me or I don't get so angry or something.  Yeah, this happens.

Q.  One British player down and another to go in Andy Murray.

YEN HSUN LU:  Be very tough one for me.  I mean, especially now he just winning Queen's, and also he's No. 2 in the world.  I mean, I'm really happy I have a second round and play the good players.

Fortunately, I have good result few years ago.  But, I mean, I just try my best to bring my best performance against him.  We'll see how it go.

If you're asking me right now do I expect to beat him, I say not.  But for me, I just try to be, you know, doing my best and I can challenge him.  That's what I can do in the match.

Q.  Will you draw inspiration from the match in Beijing?

YEN HSUN LU:  Well, it was quite a while, like four, five years.  Of course sometimes you have a good performance and you beat a big guy.  Of course also he improve.  He win a Grand Slam last year.  He make final and win Olympic.

This is big change for him.  Of course now he's for sure the best performance this moment for him.  So, of course I really    now I think about five years ago and I'm happy, but I have to face Wednesday match.  You know, that's just far back, and I have to face the real match on Wednesday.

So first of all I try to enjoy, and second of all I try to challenge him and see what can happen there.

Q.  Looking forward to being on Centre Court or Court No. 1?

YEN HSUN LU:  I mean, I played both one time Djokovic, Federer, also.  Of course the crowd will more supporting him probably.

But maybe today the match was a little bit practice also.  Of course maybe Wednesday even more.  But for sure if I play at home also has more home crowd.

I'm really happy that the people always supporting him.  For me, of course I hope 1% or 2% supporting me.

Of course I'm happy all the British supporting him and wishing to win the tournament.  So, I mean, once again, I just try my best to enjoy and do the best in the match.

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