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David Ferrer first round

Tuesday 25 June 2013

David Ferrer gives his post match press conference after beating Martin Alund 6‑1, 4‑6, 7‑5, 6‑2. 

Q.  You had two very heavy falls during that match.  Are you okay now?

DAVID FERRER:  Yeah, I am okay.


Q.  Tell us about what happened.

DAVID FERRER:  I have little bit of pain on my ankle.  But it's okay.


Q.  Which ankle?

DAVID FERRER:  Left ankle.


Q.  You are one of the best returners in the game.  Which surface is the hardest to return on and why?

DAVID FERRER:  I don't know.  I don't have a big serve.  I am trying to return good.

Is difficult to play in grass court for my game.  Is very difficult to defense.  Today the key was the third set.  In important moment he play a little bit nervous.  I had more experience than him, and it's okay.

I happy because I am in second round.  But, anyway, I know I have to improve my game for to win after tomorrow.


Q.  Were you surprised about how well he played in the second set?

DAVID FERRER:  No, no.  I think every match is difficult.  You know, all the players are close, and I need to play very good for to winning in three sets.

And my opponent, he did a very good game, very good match.  He played solid obviously in the second set and part of the third one.

It's good player.  I saw him in clay court this year in Brazil or in Acapulco.  He's a good player.


Q.  After your first fall, did you lose some concentration?

DAVID FERRER:  I tried to not lose my concentration.  But is difficult, no?  Is difficult to play very consistent all the match.  I need to improve for my next match.

Maybe I didn't return very good in the second set.  I did a little bit mistakes.  But, well, I will have to try my best next match.

Q.  When you fell, did you find the court conditions different this year than last year?

DAVID FERRER:  No, no, no.  Is the same.  Is the same.

I know in grass court it's more difficult for defense.  But the conditions was the same:  the same court, the same balls.  No change.


Q.  You didn't find it to be more slippery?

DAVID FERRER:  Well, always slippery, always in grass court.  I think that last year I fell off twice times also.


Q.  But nothing unusual?

DAVID FERRER:  No, no, not unusual.


Q.  Have you ever fallen twice in Wimbledon?

DAVID FERRER:  Yeah, I think with Andy Murray I fell off twice times.  I don't know.  But, sure, one week ago I fall off also with Xavier Malisse in 's‑Hertogenbosch.  The problem is not the court.  The problem is that is grass court, no?


Q.  Have you had tests on the ankle?

DAVID FERRER:  Yeah, I am okay.  I am a little bit hurt now.  It's a little bit inflamed, but I think is not important ‑ I hope.


Q.  What will you do, have ice pack on it?

DAVID FERRER:  I put ice finally after the match first.


Q.  Was that after the first fall or the second fall you had the pain in the ankle?

DAVID FERRER:  No, I think is okay.  Is not important.  My ankle, only I have little bit pain, but is not important.

Of course, after tomorrow I will play 100 of my conditions.  And if I win, perfect.  If I lost, it's going to be because my opponent, he was better than me.

I can walk.  I know is not important.


Q.  It's important if you play two sets under a handicap rather than the fourth set surely.  You were not handicapped after the first fall?  Were there any difficulties after the first all?

DAVID FERRER:  Is difficult, but don't worry.  Things of the match.

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