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Steve Darcis withdrawal

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Interview with Steve Darcis following his withdrawal from The Championships through injury

Q. Can you confirm what the problem is and when it happened?
STEVE DARCIS: It happened against Rafa in the middle of the first set when I fell down. I start to feel it a little bit. Like it was warm, it was okay. I had no pain. After a few games, I was feeling great.
After the match, a few hours after, I start to feel so much pain, I couldn't sleep the night. I saw the physio, the doctor, yesterday. They did a good job. It's a little bit better today.
But no chance I can play. I mean, I cannot serve. Even on the forehand side, I cannot hit a ball. Make no sense to go on the court to withdraw after two games.

Q. It's your right shoulder?
STEVE DARCIS: Yeah, right shoulder.

Q. Do you think it was adrenaline that got you through that match on Monday against Rafa?
STEVE DARCIS: Maybe. I think, like I said, it was warm. Maybe just because of this. Of course, like you said, maybe it's also because of what you said.
I have no idea. I thought it would be okay. Like I said, during the match it was perfect. I was serving great, no pain at all. So really don't know how come it was that worst after.

Q. Must be difficult to put into words your disappointment.
STEVE DARCIS: Yes. I think when you beat a guy like Rafa first round, you want to show more, you want to play more matches. I was playing maybe the best tennis in my life here.
Yeah, not to go on the court today, it's maybe the biggest disappointing thing I have to do.

Q. Could you describe how you fell.
STEVE DARCIS: No, I'm not even sure if it's because I fell. I'm not sure. I think it's maybe after the diving on the seventh game I think at 3‑All. But I'm not 100% sure.
I was feeling a little bit tight and that's it. It's tough to explain if it's because of the diving or... I'm not 100% sure. I think it's because of this, but...

Q. You don't think you slipped; you think it was the diving?

Q. Do you have a diagnosis for what you have or not?
STEVE DARCIS: Yes, I did everything yesterday. I have like liquid in the joint, like inflammation everywhere. They try to do an injection yesterday.
But, like I said, it's better today. Still, it's not good at all.

Q. You'll obviously go home with happy memories, despite what's happened today.
STEVE DARCIS: Yeah. But right now, you know, I'm not so happy. It's so tough to withdraw like this. But, yeah, I think after few days I will say, Okay, I beat Nadal, it's great. The big thing today is that I cannot play, and this is the thing I have in my mind.
It's not happy memories right now.

Q. Can you describe Monday and Tuesday. Did you get many greetings from your friends and family?
STEVE DARCIS: Yeah, it was big. I had many messages. I had a lot of press to do. Many, many people was greeting me. So it was great feeling.
Like I said, it was big. So I have to thank everybody for all the texts and all the Facebook, all the Twitter that I received. It was amazing.

Q. Who will win Wimbledon now?
STEVE DARCIS: Is tough to say. We're just in the second round. If I have to put money on somebody, maybe I will choose Federer.

Q. When did you first begin to feel the pain? You felt good in the match. Were you okay all through the match?
STEVE DARCIS: No, I was feeling great. I think you could see it. I was serving full power. I was hitting great shots. I was feeling really good.
It's tough to say exactly when it was. I was just feeling a bit sore in the first set, in the middle of the first. Like I said, after a few serve, after a few hitting shots, it was perfect. I had no pain at all.
That's why it's strange after the match I felt that bad.

Q. It was after the match?
STEVE DARCIS: It was after the match I think when the muscles were cold, I don't know, start to feel really bad.

Q. What's next for you?
STEVE DARCIS: I don't know. I have to see how it is after a few days. A little bit of rest, I guess, then maybe try to play a few challengers on clay in Europe.
I don't know how long I will be out of the court.

Q. In the long‑term?
STEVE DARCIS: In the long‑term, still the same: trying to fight to come back in the top 100, try to be, if possible, main draw in Australia.

Q. Is it the shoulder with your tattoo on it?
STEVE DARCIS: Yes. I don't know if it's changing something, but yes.

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