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Eugenie Bouchard second round

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Eugenie Bouchard's press conference after her second round win over Ana Ivanovic

Q.  The change of court didn't seem to bother you.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  No, was really happy to find out we would change courts.  I found out like 20 minutes before the match, so little quick change of routine, of plans, but worked out fine.

Q.  First time on center court?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, it was my first time, so I was really excited.  It was kind of a big deal to me.  I played Court 1 in the junior final last year.  I think that helped a little bit.
Yeah, Centre Court was really cool.

Q.  You said you were really happy it was switched.

Q.  Why?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  To play on Centre Court at Wimbledon.  It's what everyone wants to do.  So, yeah, it was a great opportunity for me.

Q.  We're trying to figure it out, but it's possible that no Canadian has ever won a singles match on Centre Court at Wimbledon.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Is that a fact?

Q.  Well, no one seems to have an answer yet.  If you were to have that piece of history, that would be amazing.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, that would be really cool.  For me, it was a big deal; I handled it well.  I think I played well and pulled it off.

Q.  Was there anything tricky about Centre Court?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  No.  Actually, the net posts were kind of in because it was for singles and not doubles, so that threw me off a little bit at the beginning.
Besides that, the court was fine.  It was good.  A little bit slippery actually.  I fell.
But besides that, it was good.

Q.  Had you ever been in there before as a spectator?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I was in the Royal Box last year after the I won juniors and held up the trophy.  That was the only time I was there.  I watched the men's doubles match before.
Yeah, that was it.  I had seen it, but now I got to play on it.  It was cool.

Q.  This was obviously a very big win for you.  Did you feel it coming with your form being good in the run up?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, I think any day I can beat anyone.  It's just about playing the way I know I can play.
Today I was able to stay with her and take my chances when I could.  You know, I mean, anything can happen in a match.

Q.  She said she didn't know you.  She had never played you.  Do you think that was an advantage?  Because I would assume you knew her game and what to expect a little bit more.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, I mean, my coach definitely told me some things about her game.  Everyone knows her.  She's obviously a great player.  She got to No. 1; won slam.
So just tried to work on a few things:  trying to be aggressive during the point, neutralize her serve.  She served well today, so that was a bit tough for me.
I tried to play my game.

Q.  You talked the other day about being a young player and all the pressure is on the older players.  I think she was hoping maybe the pressure would be on you because it was on Centre Court.  Did you feel the pressure was on her because she's the higher seed and all those things you talked about?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Well, for sure it was a bigger deal for me being on Centre since she's played there before.  But, yeah, I had nothing to lose, and I really just tried to take it to her.
You know, if she would falter a little bit, I tried to take may chances.  I did that.

Q.  Laura Robson describes you as her bestie.  Talk about your friendship a little bit.  I take it there wasn't enough time to pass on any advice about playing on Centre Court.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, no, she's played on Centre for sure.  I would say she's my closest friends on tour for sure.  I try not to have too many friends, but a few is good.
We're here in her hometown so it's fun.  Every time we are at the same tournament we hang out and stuff.
It's nice to have someone who is going through the same things as you.

Q.  You stayed with her here in the past, haven't you?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, juniors last year.  I stayed at her house when I won, so that was fun.

Q.  This year what do you do?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  At the hotel this year with my feel.  Half my family is here.

Q.  Who is here with you?  It must be quite a big thing for the family, this fortnight.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah.  So what was the question?

Q.  Who is over with you?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  My mom, twin sister, younger brother.  They're all scattered around the room here.

Q.  The two double faults in that 3 2 game I think in the second set, once you got over those    you were maybe a bit vulnerable then.  Where did they come from, and once you got over them did you feel free again?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Normally I don't really do a few in a row like that, so wasn't the best.  I felt like she was putting pressure on my second serve, so I wanted to try to go for it a bit more.
But, yeah, I stayed calm.  It was deuce after that, so I still played a few good points.  That was a good hold for me for sure.

Q.  You had a chance to serve it out.  Then did you get a bit of the jitters at that point?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I think I was a little bit nervous, yeah.  But she did play a few good points.  I didn't worry or anything.  I stayed relaxed.  I had broken her a few times, so I knew I could do it again.

Q.  I noticed you tweeted a picture.  Tomas Berdych seemed to be quite fond of a picture of you.  Not to be too crass, but are you prepared that if you go on a long run you may be held up as a sex symbol given you're very good looking?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, about that picture, I have no idea what that was about.  Pretty funny and random.  Anything people say about me, it's good, because at least they're talking about me, so...

Q.  What was the crowd like there compared to other crowds you've played in front of?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  It was a good crowd.  I think it started filling up as the match went on.  It was pretty full, which was really cool.  I had a few fans there.  More people were cheering for her, but I still had a few.
It was just really cool being in front of those people.  I love the big crowds, so...

Q.  The way they react is a little more muted.  It's not as wild and crazy as New York New York.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Well, yeah.  We're at Wimbledon.  It's classy here.

Q.  This is the first year in a while quite a lot of teenagers are doing well.  Is it just a very strong generation you think we have?  Is there a reason for it?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I think some of teenagers that are playing well now are very good players.  You know, I think, like I said earlier, anything can happen in a match.  If we're playing well we can take out some of the top players.
I think it's cool when they do that at slams as well, at the biggest tournaments.

Q.  You talked about how the experience against Sharapova maybe helped you.  Did it help you a little bit maybe keep calm?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, for sure.  I played on the center court at the French Open against her.  Same thing here.  I was like, I've done this before.  No big deal.
But for sure just the more time I get on these big courts helps me in my future matches.  I definitely was calm and felt like, you know, I could do this.  It worked out.

Q.  What was the procedure like leaving the locker room?  Is there a ritual thing?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, kind of the same when I went into the Royal Box.  I recognized    I was with the same lady who walked me out.  We went on the same stairs and everything as I did last year.
I was like, Oh, my God, you know, memories from last year.  Reminded me of how well I played last year, and I think it inspired me to play well.

Q.  It's not exactly same route.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  No.  We went downstairs onto the court.  But, yeah, seeing all the trophies and everything, all the pictures on the wall, it's really special.

Q.  Those of us that are ignorant about Westmount, what's it like and sort of what was it like growing up there?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  It's my hometown, so for me it's home.  It's a bit more English speaking, but I learned French in school so I can speak that as well.
It's a great place.  I love Montréal.  Can't wait to go back home after these two weeks.  Hopefully.

Q.  Is it quite a homely environment, quite a small town?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, yeah, it's a small neighborhood, I would say.  Very cute neighborhood.

Q.  What's the relationship with you and Natalie now?  Is she still your part time coach?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Right now I'm doing a trial with Antonio Van Grichen.  We're doing it until the end of Wimbledon and we'll see from there.
I keep in touch with Natalie, and I might work with her in the future.

Q.  Just given her history, obviously...
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, she's been giving me some tips and stuff.  She's been watching me, I think.  Hopefully she watched my match today.  I'll talk to her later about it for sure.

Q.  Your half of the draw has opened up with some of the seeds being knocked out and Azarenka pulling out.  Do you envisage a path through?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I haven't looked at the draw at all.  I just know who I play next.  Really have not looked at it.  It doesn't matter.  It's just my next match.

Q.  I know you've got to prepare for your next match, but are you able to celebrate victories like this?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I'm just happy I'm with my family and friends.  No real celebration.  I'm in the middle of a tournament.  I have doubles tomorrow, so daily grind.

Q.  What is it about you that allowed you not to be intimidated today?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I think self confidence.  I believed I belonged there and believed I could play with her.
Of course, I knew it would be a tough battle.  Could have been a three setter.  Could have been anything.
So I was prepared.  Felt like I was well prepared and self confident.

Q.  How different is this to your usual futures and challenger tournaments that you've played previously?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Well, yeah, it's definitely the biggest stage in tennis.  It's just an honor to be on the court, on Centre Court and playing a great player.  It's what I've worked hard for.

Q.  So would you say that's your biggest win of your career?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Probably because it was on a big stage like this.


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