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Dustin Brown second round

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Dustin Brown interview after second round win over Lleyton Hewitt

Q.  Having such a sensible hand in the half volley, have you ever been trying to paint?
DUSTIN BROWN:  You don't want to see me painting.  I'm not any good.

Q.  How did you feel today?  You were emotional.  Is this such a big deal for you because you've tried so long to achieve something like this?
DUSTIN BROWN:  Yeah, of course.  I mean, I've had a couple chances already on the big stage to do well.  Was really close in Doha this year against Ferrer.
Yeah, always when I've been this close, something happened or got in the way.  Today in the tiebreak I was up 3 1, I thought, This is a pretty good chance.  Hit a good first serve.  Lleyton returns unbelievable.  In that tiebreak he came up with three very good returns.
I guess it helped that I'm playing Lleyton Hewitt there.  I'm like, Okay, what can I do?  I just got to keep playing maximum two more sets.  Win or lose, just go with it, just keep playing, try your best.

Q.  Is it right that you were in tears at the end?
DUSTIN BROWN:  Yeah, I cried like a little girl (laughter).

Q.  Why was that?
DUSTIN BROWN:  Just happy and emotional and everything.  I have a lot of friends here, my coach is here, my girlfriend is here.  I'm very happy about everything.  Yeah, just been a very long way.  Just happy that I actually got through the match.

Q.  We know you traveled the challenger circuit around Europe in a camper van.  Was that on your mind as you were shedding a few tears?  Tell us about that van.
DUSTIN BROWN:  I still have the van.  It's parked in Germany at my parents' place.  Yeah, everything.  Of course, you think about sometimes like if you win a match, what are you going to do.  After the match, I just sat down and it took its way.  I couldn't really control it, so...

Q.  You've obviously spoken about the financial sacrifices you've made.  How do you think that will change after this tournament?
DUSTIN BROWN:  Well, I mean, it's a pretty big paycheck up to now.  The tournament's not done yet.  I also have doubles to play tomorrow.  I'm really trying not to get into it too much until the tournament's done.
I mean, of course, I played in Nottingham, lost twice in the quallies.  When I came here, I looked at the paycheck, and it said £3,000.  Great.  Because I haven't won any matches.  I won one match on grass there.  I didn't look at the main draw or anything.  I kind of wanted to go round by round.  The more matches I won, I got more confident.

Q.  In terms of lifestyle, traveling around in a camper van, do you think it will change after that?
DUSTIN BROWN:  I haven't been doing that since 2009.  It just doesn't work, playing the challengers and tour events.  In doubles I was 43 already.  Just going from tournament to tournament, you can't do it.  It's too far around.

Q.  I've read and heard at one point you entertained the idea of playing here in Great Britain or claiming British citizenship.  Could you walk us through that?  Did the LTA respond favorably to that proposal?
DUSTIN BROWN:  Well, actually, it came during Queen's.  It was brought up by the media.  I didn't bring it up.  I do have the possibility of getting that passport.
Yeah, as you can see, nothing has happened and I'm playing for Germany.

Q.  Can you tell us a bit about your T shirt.
DUSTIN BROWN:  Actually a good friend of mine, Carsten, he made a couple of those for me.  I'm pretty online a lot with Facebook and with Twitter.  He thought it would be a fun little thing just to get the shirt for me.
His wife is a designer.  She designed the logo with a dready on it.  On the back it has my Twitter handle.  It's a shirt for running around.  Thought it might be a good idea to wear it.

Q.  Are you going to sell them?
DUSTIN BROWN:  I only have three, so no.

Q.  You maybe have the coolest look on the tour.  Do you have any stories you could possibly share about your appearance and the interaction with the tennis world?
DUSTIN BROWN:  Well, difficult to say anything about that.  I've looked like this for 28 years, so I'm pretty much used to it.
Besides that, of course, for other people sometimes it's different.  Like I said, I think this is the third time in the main draw here.  So I'm sure a couple people have seen me play already.  The players are used to playing against me or practicing with me.  I think from that part it hasn't changed a lot.  It's the same.  They're used to it.
Everyone that didn't know me before today, they have to get used to it.  I'm not going to change.

Q.  Just on the British point, would you have liked to have represented Britain or would you like to go forward?
DUSTIN BROWN:  Well, the train has passed.  I have two passports.  I have a German passport and Jamaica passport.  Everybody knows there's a lot of trouble with the Jamaican Federation.  I couldn't be bothered with that.  I tried for 15 years.  I'm playing for Germany now.  There's no looking to change anything.

Q.  Would it have been different if the LTA made more of an effort to persuade you?
DUSTIN BROWN:  I'm not sure.  Like I said, the media brought it up.  I said, yes, there's a possibility of doing that with the passport.  That's where it stayed.  Nothing happened at Wimbledon.  Then until me playing Andy Murray at the US Open 2010, nothing happened.
It's not a bad thing from them or a bad thing from me, it just didn't really happen.  I was looking to change from the Jamaican side, not playing for Jamaica anymore, not because I'm not Jamaican and not because I don't like it.  Of course, I'm half half.  I'm proud to be Jamaican.  I'm proud to be German.  It was just a decision because of the Federation.  I didn't want to represent the Federation anymore.
The way I look when I go somewhere, most people think I'm Jamaican and then German.  It's impossible for me to throw that out to the wind.  I don't want to do it.  At that point I was unhappy with the Federation, too much hassle.  I said, I need to make a cut, make a change.  That's why I took the other passport I have.


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