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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga second round

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's news conference following his retirement through injury during his second round match against Latvia's Ernests Gulbis.

Q.  Can you tell us what happened?  What's wrong specifically?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  Uhm, I have a little problem with my tendon on my knee.  I have this since couple of day now.
I had this like five, six days ago.  Was not really a good sign because I had already some problem with this tendon.  I know when it's going worse and worse like this that it's not really good for me to play on because I know I will do more damage, and after that I will stop for a while.
So, yeah, for me it was I think better to stop.  I hope I didn't play too much already.  I will do some image later tonight, and I will see what's happen.

Q.  Are you sure you can continue this year, going for the US Open, or that's it for this year?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  I have no idea yet.  I have no idea.  You know, the doctor, they will work on it and they will tell me what is good for me, how many time I need to rest and stuff, what I have to do.

Q.  Was it a mistake for you to come to Wimbledon this year?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  You know, but you always try.  You always try.  I did my best.  I tried to play.  That's it.  I mean, that's it.

Q.  The courts have been a little slippery.  Some players complaining.  Did you slip at all on the grass?  Was the court a factor in this withdrawal?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  No, there is nothing about this court.  They great.  About the only thing we can say is the weather we have since couple of weeks, with humid and cold and windy sometimes.

Q.  Any idea why so many players are getting injured this year?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  Yeah, I told you just before that, you know, for myself, you know, the weather is not that good to play tennis because it's cold outside, and it's humid.  And I think for all the joint, it's not really good.

Q.  With all due respect, this isn't odd weather for a British summer.  This is nothing unusual.
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  Yeah, but, you know, in Roland Garros, for example, it's going worse and worse every year.  It's colder and colder.  So it's not only about Wimbledon, it's also about Roland Garros.  And there is maybe this, there is maybe because we change surface, you know.
I don't know, also because we play a lot.  We play a lot.  That's it.

Q.  The season is already a little bit shorter than it was.  Maybe it needs to be even shorter than that.
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  No, I don't think it's about if it's short or not.  It's about if we have some time to rest after tournaments because they all follow by.  And, yeah, it's not about, you know, the time you will rest at the end of the year.  It's not only that.  If you play for nine months, you know, every day, you don't care to have like three months, you know, because for sure you will get injured.
You know, it's also tough because on my ranking, you know, I have to play almost every week if I want to keep my ranking and have some opportunity, you know, in big tournaments.  So I need to keep my ranking really high, you know, to get opportunities in big tournaments like this.  So I have to play almost every week because I'm not winning for the moment huge tournaments.
So it's like this.  This is the game, I would say.

Q.  At the start of the third set, it seemed as if your right arm was giving you some trouble.
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  No, no, no.  Just on one ball because I hit the frame.  Sometimes the racquet is...  Nothing important.

Q.  Martina Navratilova has said men may need to play three set matches instead of five set matches.
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  Who said that?

Q.  Martina Navratilova.

Q.  Men's to go to three sets because it's too physical, too demanding.
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  Oh, that's fine.  I don't want it.

Q.  You talk about the weather, that it's cold.
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  I don't know.  You know, I always try to give myself a reason.  But maybe there is no reason on this injury, you know.  But I always try.  You always try to find something, you know.
Sometimes it's hot and I get injured.  I would say that.  But, of course, maybe it's worse for us, you know, that the weather is that cold, so...

Q.  Do you have any thought about playing in hot weather like in Africa, being somewhere in Africa that is very, very hot?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  Yeah, I would like to have a tournament in Africa.

Q.  South Africa?

Q.  You mentioned you noticed this injury five or six days ago.  Did that affect how you were feeling about going into this tournament?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  You know, I just felt on my first round, I went on the court and I said, Okay, I will do what I can.  I played.  I played a good tennis.  Of course, I was not 100% on my movement.  I played a good tennis.
So I said, Okay, on the next round, I will do the same.  I will go on court and see what's happen, if I can, you know, do something.
The thing is, at the beginning of the match, you know, I'm feeling okay, not good, but okay, so I can play.  But as soon as the second set, you know, start, I'm already like, Okay, it's going to be tough to continue.
So, you know, I tried, but no chance for me to beat a guy like this without my legs.

Q.  You're a huge favorite with the fans here.  How frustrating is it for you that you can't continue?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  You know, for me it's frustrating.  But in my life I had already many, many times, you know, this kind of injury and this kind of disappointed.  So for me it's something I'm used to it and I know that I have to keep my mind, you know, really positive to go through this moment.  That's it.

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