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Andrea Petkovic second round

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Andrea Petkovic speaks about her second round loss to Sloane Stephens.

Q. Obviously very close match today. What do you feel made the difference?
ANDREA PETKOVIC: I think it was just two or three points. I feel like there were a few points ‑‑ the first ball after the serve ‑‑ I feel like I served fine, but the first ball after the serve, there were a couple times when Sloane returned really well and I didn't move my feet and missed easy shots.
Also, the last game that I lost, that I got broken, it was the first ball after the serve. I feel like I wasn't 100% working with my legs.
But all in all, I think it was a great match on parts. I think there were parts. Like beginning the first set where we played both really great.
There is were also parts where it wasn't the best. But all in all it was okay. I'm getting better on grass, so really looking forward to coming back next year.
Sloane played great and served well in the important moments and played aggressively when she had to. I think she did a good job.

Q. Given everything that's happened today, are you happy just to finish in one piece?
ANDREA PETKOVIC: I am. Well, I've gotten over that fear before every match of getting injured again, so that's good. But I'm just really grateful for getting the second chance, as I call it, my second career.
I'm just seizing every moment and enjoying myself so much to be back. I'm just trying to really see the nice parts of tennis and that I can really do what I love day in, day out.
So I'm just really happy being back again. Very, very grateful and thankful for the second chance to whoever game it to me.
So no hard feelings.

Q. Obviously you're dealing with the injury as well, but a lot of players have gone down and slipped and fallen today. Is there something with the grass?
ANDREA PETKOVIC: Well, the grass is slippery kind of. It got slippery in the end. Towards the end of the match it got a little slippery.
I think you just have to be focused every point. If you're really down and working your legs and putting pressure on the muscles, then nothing can really happen.
Obviously in long matches and also when you're not that focused or a little nervous the muscles are not working perfectly, so that's why I think a lot of times things can happen like this.
I had it two years ago when I was here. I also slipped and fell like two or three times. This time I was really focused, especially after all my injuries, to be down all the time and really put pressure in the legs and the muscles. Then I was fine.
I luckily didn't fall at all. I think that is the key. Obviously in such long distance matches anything can happen. You can lose your focus. So I think that's why many players tend to fall down, especially when it's ‑‑ yeah.

Q. So you don't feel like there is anything special about today or the grass?
ANDREA PETKOVIC: This year especially compared to the other years?

Q. Yes.
ANDREA PETKOVIC: I cannot say because I have only played twice here. I'm not really the Wimbledon expert.
But I felt like the grass was pretty slow this year. I felt like the grass of this year is changing a lot concerning how the weather was like.
I felt like when it was dry it was really, really slow; when it was a little wet, that the ball just slipped kind of.
So as I said, in the end, towards the end of the match, it got a little wet. I think the humidity got more so it got a little slippery.
Maybe that's also why.

Q. Finally, just talk about where you feel you are in your comeback. You're starting to have better results. Do you feel like you're getting back to where you were?
ANDREA PETKOVIC: Yeah, that's actually why I'm not too upset. I feel like I'm getting better ever day. I feel like I'm the tennis player, Andrea Petkovic, that I used to be. I was really struggling with that.
I said it before: I'm really not concerned with my results right now, this year. Obviously I want to win. I'm a big competitor and love the competition. Obviously I always want to win and I'm disappointed when I lose.
But I'm really not that concerned with my results and my ranking, because I just really want to feel that I'm playing well again and moving well and feeling great on court and just enjoying every moment.
I think everything else will come back together. It just takes time. And I feel like really I'm getting better each day. Even when I lose, I feel like there is so much to take out of it.
Especially now in this phase where am at, I think the losses will help me more than the wins.
No hard feelings, as I said.

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