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Tommy Robredo second round

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Tommy Robredo speaks to the media following his second round win over Nicolas Mahut.

Q. How is your fitness? You have an ice pack.
TOMMY ROBREDO: It's okay. No problem at all. Nothing. Prevention.

Q. It's a big day for injuries. Were you aware of that?
TOMMY ROBREDO: I just was talking in the locker room about that, yeah.
Things happen. We need to know why. But, yeah, it's a shame.

Q. What are the players saying?
TOMMY ROBREDO: I just finished my match. I was talking with my coach about how good I play, how happy am I. The last thing I want to talk about is injures.
Now I'm happy for myself and I'm sorry for my partners, for my friends.

Q. Tell us about your match today. How did that go?
TOMMY ROBREDO: Brilliant. I think I played good. I played against a guy who is very difficult to play on grass, and I won him in three sets. So nothing to say about it. Just I have to congrats myself because today I did a great job.

Q. You missed Wimbledon last year. How happy are you to be back here and playing well?
TOMMY ROBREDO: Well, I'm happy to be in all the tournaments. When you have been injured for a while, then any time you can go to tournament, even if it's a future, a challenger, a Grand Slam, you happy.
Then if it's a Grand Slam, you win two matches, then you more happy, obviously. Now I'm third round, 90 points, a bit of money. So, yeah, I'm more than happy.

Q. You have a tough match coming up next. How do you rate your chances?
TOMMY ROBREDO: Well, the match today was very tough as well. I won. Next match is going to be tough, for sure. We'll try.
I have nothing to lose. I'm enjoying. I'm playing great tennis. It's lovely to be in a Grand Slam playing one of the best players on tour. Also if he's British, so he's going to have the crowd, we're going to have Centre Court maybe. So it can be lovely to be in Centre Court here again.

Q. What is your record like against Andy Murray?
TOMMY ROBREDO: That's your work, not mine. I don't know. 2‑All.

Q. Do you enjoy playing him?
TOMMY ROBREDO: Well, I mean, I'm enjoying winning today. So I'm going to play Andy in two days. So now I prefer to enjoy, to relax, to go have a great dinner because I deserve it, with a chocolate cake with ice cream. Then tomorrow is going to be a long day to think about Andy.
Obviously it's great opponent, very tough to beat him. But if I have no chances, I don't go into the court, I go home tomorrow. Like this I have one more day of holiday. So I'm going to go for it. I'm going to go into the court and try my best. If I have a chance, I will try to get it. If not, then congratulate him, best of luck to him, see you next time.

Q. What do you feel is very strong about your game at the moment?
TOMMY ROBREDO: I'm feeling the ball perfectly. I'm touching the ball all the time clear. I'm in confidence. I'm enjoying into the court.
When it happens, then it's easier to play, no? Also I'm having good luck because a match like today, two tiebreaks, if two points is from him the first tiebreak maybe it would be 7‑6 for him and the match would change.
But the important is that I'm arriving there. I'm a arriving to the top moments, and then I'm playing good.
I'm in good shape. I'm enjoying. Physically I'm perfect. So what else?

Q. What did your run at the French Open do for you in terms of your confidence?
TOMMY ROBREDO: Well, obviously when you come back from three match being two sets to love down, you get a lot of confidence because you believe you can do it in all the games, no?
But anyway, that was clay, here is grass. It's another tournament. It won't happen every day, no, to come back from two sets to love down.
But, anyway, last year at the same time I was nearly 500 in the world. Now I'm 29, or here 32 because they didn't want to keep me on 29. But I'm enjoying playing.
My comeback was brilliant. Even more than what I expected. I am enjoying every day inside the court. So what else can I ask for? Just one more match to come here in Wimbledon. I will try my best.
It's lovely to be here playing with one of the best players. I prefer this than being at home.

Q. Is this the best you felt on grass, the best you're playing on grass?
TOMMY ROBREDO: I don't know. Couple years ago I did fourth round, playing good. But obviously I like to play grass. But when you have to go to one tournament, there is a lot of points, you have to try your best. Sometimes in life you have to do things you are not that comfortable on. But I don't know. Obviously, if I could change, I would put clay on the court all the time.
But here they want to play on grass. We have to go for it, try our best. We'll see. For the moment, today I played against a specialist of grass and I beat him. So why not next day?

Q. Can you remember what made the big difference in your previous games against Andy when you beat him?
TOMMY ROBREDO: Where did I beat him?

Q. Las Vegas 2006.
TOMMY ROBREDO: I beat him in Vegas? Yes. And I lost where?

Q. In Madrid in 2009. I was just asking when you have beaten him, what have been the main factors in those matches, the main reasons you've been able to beat him in the past?
TOMMY ROBREDO: Because I was better than him in that match. Maybe. I don't know. Truly I don't remember what I did yesterday. So if you ask me what I did against Murray last match, I will have to check the statistics, I will have to check where, and then I will remember maybe.
If not, I will go to my home, get the CDs, check the matches, then I will remember.
I know I beat him a couple of times. Andy Murray five years ago is not Andy Murray today. And Robredo 2006 is not the same Robredo now. We'll see in a couple of days what happen, and I hope you guys enjoy. And me, too.

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