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Li Na - second round

Thursday 27 June 2013

Li Na's press conference after her second round victory over Simona Halep.

Q. How are you doing? Good?

LI NA: Pretty good.

Q. How would you describe your game?

LI NA: You mean today?

Q. Yes, today.

LI NA: So I would like to say, welcome to the crazy women's tennis tour (smiling).

Yeah, I think I was pretty good beginning of the match even until the first set. But end of the first set, she called official. I thought, Maybe she be retire or something. I was already like lose concentration on the court, you know.

Yeah, when one set all, Wake up, she okay, she kick your ass already in the second set. So you should ready for a final set.

Q. With Sharapova and Caroline Wozniacki out, do you see yourself as Wimbledon champion?

LI NA: Well, I only win two round. So is pretty far to be the champion, you know.

Yeah, I mean, I didn't even see who I should play in the next round. So for me just round by round to do my best.

Q. Have you had a chance to speak to your coach yet about the second set? I had a quick chat with him afterwards, and he said he thought you completely lost your concentration and you're kind of your own worst enemy.

LI NA: I still didn't talk to Carlos because I think he go to see the next opponent match.

I will try to talk to him as soon as possible, because I know I was thinking about, after the match, I was in the gym to cool down, I really want to see him. When first I meet him, I will say, Please killing me right now. I know what happen in the second set. This is all the problem.

Q. He described you as a very nice person, but sometimes you're really bad to yourself.

LI NA: He say that?

Q. Yes.

LI NA: Okay, now I change. I will killing him first.

Q. What did you tell yourself at the start of the third set? You said you needed to wake up. But your play changed so much. You played so much better in the third set. What was the process to change it in your head?

LI NA: You know, I mean, if I lose the final set, I have no chance to stay in the tournament. I was tell myself, Okay, wake up. Don't try to ‑‑ how you say? It's like you have to try to do better in the second set.

So, you know, I tried to fight like every point, to try to win the point. So, yeah.

Q. Were you worried you could be the next seed to fall out of the tournament?

LI NA: You worry? I'm not worry (smiling).

Q. Are you surprised to see so many of the big names gone already?

LI NA: Yeah. You know, yesterday I was feeling a little bit, I don't know, how do you say, I know this is bad, but I have to say it's worst for Wimbledon, for history, because many big star was out of the tournament, and also so many pulled out for the injury.

So of course, I mean, I was sad, but the same time I got some information because I really didn't not want out the next one. So I was really prepared for last night and this morning what I should do on the court.

Q. Do you think when players, lower‑ranked players, see that big names are starting to pull out of the tournament, that gives your opponents confidence that they might be able to knock you out?

LI NA: I think Grand Slam is very tough tournament. For everyone is the same. Everyone has the chance to be the champion.

I mean, also, of course, without yesterday, every Grand Slam is not easy to pull out for the match. But I don't know what happen for yesterday. Maybe, I don't know, I have no idea.

Q. How are you feeling on the grass? Lots of people talked about maybe it's a little bit slippery, with their footing not quite so confident. How do you feel on the surface?

LI NA: I was feeling a little bit because today you can see I think twice I was like almost falling down. It's really, how you say, I think because is the normal, tournament always have a little bit slippery. The court, you couldn't change. Only one thing you can do, you have to used to do that or try to do your best on the court, yeah.

Q. Are you under any pressure from your country to win Wimbledon?

LI NA: Why I should carry for whole country? I mean, I'm only tennis athlete. I only tennis player. I try as best as I can on the court. I mean, this is my job.

Q. You see it as your job. Do you see yourself under pressure from yourself?

LI NA: I like the pressure.

Q. You like the pressure?

LI NA: Of course. I mean, if the people without pressure, how they can live? I mean, the pressure make me, how you say, stronger. I can prove myself, as well.

Q. You're one of the women over 30 in the draw. Kimiko is 42 and has reached the third round.

LI NA: She do amazing job. At least they, how you say, I'm not oldest one (laughter). When start, so many people start to ask her about age, about when she retire. So I really, how you say, I really hate this one. I mean, because right now I feeling I can play well on the court, and also I was feeling healthy. So I really love the tennis life.

Q. Can you imagine another 10 years playing?

LI NA: Wow, good challenge. So we will see. I don't know yet.

Q. You could face Zakopalova.

LI NA: Did she win?

Q. Not just yet. What would be your thoughts on facing her?

LI NA: I think I play her beginning of the year, first tournament in China, in the final. She already win, right?

Q. Not just yet.

LI NA: Okay. She's play more flat on the grass court. So I think is pretty good surface for her. Yeah, still have one more day can prepare for the next match, yeah.

Q. What would you like to say to your husband now?

LI NA: Why I should speak for him?

Q. Because I noticed you talked to him during the course.

LI NA: I don't need talk to him. I mean, I don't have to talk to him. I mean, we can talk under the table. Why we should talk now in the press conference?

Q. Do you see yourself in the finals of Wimbledon?

LI NA: I just talk to you before. I say now I only pass two round. So if I have to come to the final, I have another so many thing have to do.

So for me just round by round.

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