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Caroline Garcia - second round

Thursday 27 June 2013

Caroline Garcia talks to the press following her second round defeat by Serena Williams.


Q.  Congratulations on the performance which got praise from Serena today.  You seem to have picked up some new fans in Wimbledon.  Talk about the experience and how difficult it is playing this lady.

CAROLINE GARCIA:  It's always difficult to play Serena, but I play much better than in French Open because maybe I know her a little bit and I know what is going to happen.

So, yeah, it was nice to play her on Court 1 here.  It's very nice court.  Yeah, everyone on this court like tennis a lot, so it was nice to play here.  Good experience.


Q.  At one point you put your hands up.  Were you saying, What can you do against this woman?  How can I beat this woman?  She's very tough, isn't she?

CAROLINE GARCIA:  It's always tough, but sometimes I'm not doing this because I have no solution.  I didn't play this point well, so I was like...


Q.  You always seem to play very well against top players.  Is it easier to play your best against them for some reason?

CAROLINE GARCIA:  Not always, because in the French Open I didn't play very well.  When you play against top player you have no pressure and you are completely outsider.  So you just want to play your best and you come to win.

Maybe it's easier.  I don't know.  But you have to play well against these player.


Q.  What do you think you need to do to play that level against everyone?

CAROLINE GARCIA:  Continue to work and continue to believe what I am doing and trust myself and be aggressive on court.

Sometimes you are not too far to this level, but it's always difficult to keep all the match like this.


Q.  One quick question:  You probably have been asked this a lot of times, but when Andy Murray made a statement about you, was that a problem or was it encouraging?  What was your feeling?

CAROLINE GARCIA:  I don't know.  It was great to him to say that about me.  But when you are like 150 it's always difficult to play with this after he told that.

But it's okay.  I continue to work and I hope it will be happen.


Q.  It's a good ambition, isn't it?

CAROLINE GARCIA:  Yeah, it is.  Not too bad.


Q.  Seems like a few of the teenagers are starting to make an impact on the tour again after a few years.  Why do you think that is?

CAROLINE GARCIA:  Yeah, you have a lot of player coming, a lot of the '93‑'94.  That's great for tennis.  You have like new generation coming, and it's great for tennis.

Fan want to watch some tennis and you have new faces, it's good.


Q.  Is it easier for younger players to hold their own now?

CAROLINE GARCIA:  No, I don't think.  Like two years ago it was same, but we need time to grow and to be better.

So we need time, also.


Q.  You said '93‑'94.  Are you aware of who the other '93‑'94 players are?  Do you keep track of their results and compare?

CAROLINE GARCIA:  We always compare with player of the same generation.  Older, younger, doesn't matter.  It's always competition, so you always want to be better than the other one.

So we keep working and we'll see.


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