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Daniel Brands - second round

Thursday 27 June 2013

 Daniel Brands speaks to the media after his 7-6, 6-4, 6-2 defeat by Tomas Berdych

Q.  You got a set the last time against this guy.  What happened today?

DANIEL BRANDS:  Actually, I was playing pretty good today, especially in the first and second set.

But I have to say that he was just better today.  Every stroke.  Returning.  He was much better from the baseline.  Nothing to do.  Nothing to say about this.  It's tough.

 Q.  Except that he was better.

DANIEL BRANDS:  He was better, yeah.

 Q.  Was he better than Nadal was when you took the set off him at Roland Garros?

DANIEL BRANDS:  Yeah, that is tough to compare, because that was on clay court and now it's on grass.

I think he's playing really, really aggressive and, yeah, and he's always trying to put some pressure to the opponent.  I think that makes him really dangerous for players.

 Q.  Have you played Djokovic?


 Q.  Have you ever played Murray?


 Q.  So it would be hard to say whether you think Berdych can win the tournament, I guess.

DANIEL BRANDS:  Yeah.  I mean, of course I was playing against him here 2010 and he made finals.  So I think if he's playing well, of course he can win the title, in my opinion.

 Q.  Next time you play him, what are you going to do differently?

DANIEL BRANDS:  I will try to make more pressure from the baseline.  I have to do it, because otherwise these players are too good.

 Q.  That's what you did against Nadal in that first set.

DANIEL BRANDS:  Yeah, yeah.

 Q.  But you couldn't do that today?

DANIEL BRANDS:  Yeah, I mean, it's not so easy on grass because you don't have high bounces.  Always really flat, and I'm tall.  That doesn't make it too easy for me.

But I was trying everything today, and, yeah, didn't work out well.


Q.  Are you and Berdych about the same height or are you taller?

DANIEL BRANDS:  I'm not quite sure about that.


Q.  I'll look.

DANIEL BRANDS:  Maybe the same.


Q.  So maybe you have to bend a little more.

DANIEL BRANDS:  Maybe, yeah.


Q.  Where is your home?



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