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Igor Sijsling - second round

Thursday 27 June 2013

The Netherlands' Igor Sijsling speaks to the media following his straight sets win over Milos Raonic of Canada.

Q.  You are one of the few players who uses different variety of shots ‑ slice, serve and volley ‑ and it's not very common now.  At Wimbledon, those players can do their best.  What do you think players can do to change the situation with the slowing surfaces?

IGOR SIJSLING:  Well, I heard it became slower, but I haven't been playing a lot of years here.  So to me, the grass is still pretty fast, one of the fastest surfaces.

I try to play attacking game and use the serve and volley in my advantage, yeah.


Q.  And how about the other surfaces?  Is it hard for you to play your game on clay?  On hard?

IGOR SIJSLING:  It's a little tougher, yeah.  But I still try to play as much as I can, attacking the net, coming in, and trying to finish the point at the net.

It's a little tougher at the US Open.  Yeah, it's a little slower, so sometimes I got to stay back a little more.  Still, my mindset is towards the net.


Q.  How well do you feel you played today and how well did you feel you had to play?

IGOR SIJSLING:  Well, I thought I would have to play very well to beat Milos.  But actually, from the first moment I was feeling very confident on court.  I was feeling the ball very well.

So I thought, Okay, if this is the situation, then I'm satisfied with the way I'm playing.  If he beats me, that's too good.

But today I was on top of the game, yeah.


Q.  Did you feel any uncertainty on his side, maybe like when he lost his serve the first game of the second set?

IGOR SIJSLING:  Well, I felt it when I broke him in the first set.  He had a break point on my serve and then I held.  Then he played two double faults.  That shows that he was not feeling so confident in that moment.

So, yeah, I felt like I had chances.


Q.  How would you describe his game on grass?

IGOR SIJSLING:  Well, I think his game is the same on any surface.  He has a big serve and tries to attack with his forehand.

But the grass is tough.  It's a fast court.  I try slice a lot, keep the ball low, don't give him so much height on the bounce so that he had to hit upwards, which obviously was tough for him.


Q.  Did you sense anything coming into the match from him that this may be a good time to play him because he hadn't been playing that great the last couple weeks?

IGOR SIJSLING:  Well, I haven't been following him that much.  I saw his match against Dodig in Eastbourne and I saw that he wasn't that confident.

So, yeah, I thought that if I played well I would have a chance.


Q.  You have not common Dutch name.  I've heard that your mother is Serbian.

IGOR SIJSLING:  She is.  They tried to have a name that sounds well in both countries, and I became Igor.


Q.  And I spoke last year with Nedovyesov.  How long do you now him?  Is it from juniors?

IGOR SIJSLING:  I know him a long time, yeah.  From juniors on.  I think he beat me a couple times in juniors.  He was a good junior and then he went to college.

Now he's back on the tour, and I think he's doing very well. 



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