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Kirsten Flipkens - third round

Friday 28 June 2013

Kirsten Flipkens' press conference after her 6‑4, 6‑2 victory over Vesna Dolonc.

Q.  Congratulations, first.


Q.  I'm interested particularly about you and Pennetta.  You played in Roland Garros.  You played once more.  What do you expect?  How did you think what can happen?  She has a problem to the wrist; you have a problem somewhere else.  How you think it's going?

KIRSTEN FLIPKENS:  I hope we can finish the match.  That's first of all.  Yeah, you know, I look forward to the match.  It's nice experience for me to be here for the first time in the fourth round.

Yeah, I think we're both in good shape.  I know Flavia had a lot of injuries in the past, and I hope to have a good match.  I'm really looking forward to the match, especially against Flavia.  She's a really nice girl.

We played each other in French Open, but everybody knows that clay court and grass court is like black and white.  For sure I am going to have to be ready.

Yeah, I look forward.

Q.  You prefer black or white?

KIRSTEN FLIPKENS:  I prefer white.  (Smiling.)

Q.  A lot of people are saying that with all the top seeds leaving this tournament that it is Serena's tournament to lose.  Assess how you see the women's draw at the moment and whether any of you can stop her.

KIRSTEN FLIPKENS:  Actually, I am not somebody who likes to look forward.  Yeah, okay, it's clear that Serena is the favorite.  She was already the favorite before.  It's clear that she's now the one to beat in this tournament, I think.

But anyway, if you play against Serena, you always want to try to beat a top player like Serena or Sharapova.  But I think, okay, she has maybe nothing to win anymore, but I think it doesn't matter for her who's playing against her.

I think she will just stay focused every match she's playing.  I don't think she's going to look forward too much on all the seeds who are out.

Q.  When you get this far at this stage of a tournament in the second week, is it hard to avoid looking forward and just concentrating on your next match?

KIRSTEN FLIPKENS:  I am just focusing match by match.  I'm not even looking at the draw because I don't like to see what could happen.

Yeah, I think if you see already the draw and the possible quarterfinals, I think it doesn't make sense anymore ‑  especially not on grass, especially not in this tournament with all the retirements and withdrawals.

I'm just going match by match.  That's the way I want to do it and that's the way I'll do it.



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