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Sergiy Stakhovsky - third round

Friday 28 June 2013

Sergiy Stakhovsk's press conference after his 6‑2, 2‑6, 7‑5, 6‑3 defeat by Jurgen Melzer.

Q.  Not quite as many people here today.

SERGIY STAKHOVSKY:  Yeah, empty (smiling).

Q.  Today just didn't work.  Had lots of chances.

SERGIY STAKHOVSKY:  Yeah, I would say being a set down, which I think I was coming in quite slow, 'cause still of the emotions coming off the match with Roger.  You expect yourself to play a little different ‑ maybe.

Twisted ankle, which was not that much.  It was bothering in the first set, but then I forgot about it.

Break up in the third.  That was a chance.  But in general if I would say about my match, I think I just played stupid.  It would be I think the exact word of showing how I should not play Jurgen, and I should have realized that somewhere in the end of the second set.

Q.  How has it been the last couple of days?  Hard to come down?

SERGIY STAKHOVSKY:  Yeah, it was quite hard for me because yesterday was a busy day.  Everybody wanted to chat.  Everybody wanted a piece.

I mean, not that I'm denying a lot, but it just takes some time and energy off.  I was trying to get out of Wimbledon as soon as I could.  I think I left around 4:00 or 5:00, but I gave a lot of interviews that day.

Q.  No one can ever take that away from you.

SERGIY STAKHOVSKY:  Nobody gonna take it away from me.  If someone would ask me, Would you rather beat Roger and lose in next round, I would always take it, obviously.

I'm just a little disappointed that I got so blinded by the game I produced with Roger that I kept going with the same game I played against Jurgen, which was just not right.  If I would be just a bit more smarter on that court, I could have been a winner today, I think.

Q.  What do you think you should have done today?

SERGIY STAKHOVSKY:  I should mix up.  I should never play the same shot against Jurgen.  He was returning much better today than Roger.

I hardly believe if I would stay on the baseline more, just after of my serve, then come in with the second shot, it would give him much more trouble to adjust.  He knew I'm coming.  He was just hitting everything flat pretty much.  Some went in, some went out, but more went in today.

Q.  When that's going on, are you recognizing it while you're out there but you can't get yourself to change?

SERGIY STAKHOVSKY:  Well, usually I'm trying to recognize it while the game is still on.  But today I was a bully, I would say.  I was just going to that net and trying to save it.

It just didn't work.  I mean, yes, I lost at the net I can say today.  But that's not the point.  I wanted to win.  And if I wanted to win, I had to change.  But I didn't do it because I didn't think about it.

Q.  You were trying to relive the magic of the other day?

SERGIY STAKHOVSKY:  It's not about reliving the magic.  My serve was slower today than with Roger, average, what, 6, 5 miles, which is a lot on grass.

Q.  Apart from the fact you had a very fine victory, what will you take away from Wimbledon this year?  Prize money?

SERGIY STAKHOVSKY:  No, I think there's not much more I need to take from here than that victory.

Q.  Have you had any messages from people that you didn't expect to hear from?

SERGIY STAKHOVSKY:  No.  I think all the people I have in my phone, I think they ring up or send me a text.  It was nice.  Even the people I thought that they would have my number, they sent me a text.

It was really nice to have that moment in my career.  Like I say, it was worth playing tennis for such a moment.

Q.  Do you think you were under‑prepared for today's match with everything you've had to deal with the last 48 hours?

SERGIY STAKHOVSKY:  I would say I could possibly be not prepared only mentally, because everybody expects or you expect yourself to play better after you beat Roger.  And the only thing you don't want to happen is to lose next round.  It's actually what happened, because you're trying to avoid it, it always come to you.

Q.  Can you see how that happens?

SERGIY STAKHOVSKY:  No, it's just a mental thing.  I was not ready for such a turnover.  I mean, next time if I'm able to produce such a result, beating a top player on a Grand Slam or any other event, I'll be more prepared and I will know how to behave myself.

Today was just a new experience for me which I was not prepared for.


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