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Eugenie Bouchard - third round

Friday 28 June 2013

Eugenie Bouchard's press conference after her 7-5, 6-2 defeat by Carla Suarez Navarro

Q.  Tough one.  She's a tough player.  Were you expecting that kind of match, or did it go differently than you had hoped?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Well, for sure it went differently than I hoped.  She definitely played really well, I thought.  She was very consistent.  She was being aggressive ‑ more aggressive than me ‑ so she was controlling the points.  I think I could have ‑ should have ‑ done more to try to control the points.  Instead she did.

 Q.  Is it hard to come off the high of winning a match like you did the other day?  Not that she's not a good player and you don't respect her, but to come off a big upset and be ready to play a match like today?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I think that was in the back of my mind, yeah.  It's a totally different situation:  Not on Centre Court, not against a big, big player.

But I knew that ahead of time.  I tried to prepare like it was just another match, which it was.  It was still on a nice court.

But, yeah, I just think I didn't play as well as I know I can.

 Q.  It seemed to be going all your way at Love‑40, 5‑All.  Hard to imagine you not winning that set after having set points.  Hard to figure out thousand didn't happen for you from there on, in that set as least?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, I was disappointed.  I had that small lead, but she played a few good points.  Everyone comes back from leads and people can be ahead and lose and things like that.

I think it just didn't go my way.  But I definitely had my chances, yeah.

Q.  Aren't many one‑handed backhands on the tour.  Does that pose a bit of an issue?  Is that unusual?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I mean, it wasn't unusual to me, but she did hit it really well.  She was really doing some good, short, crosscourt backhands.  I think she just played really well today.

Q.  What did her game feel like on the other side of the net, say, compared to Ivanovic or Voskoboeva?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I felt like she took the ball pretty early and didn't give me much time.  So I was a little bit, you know, on my heels instead of trying to be the one being aggressive.

Usually I like to be aggressive, so I didn't really play my game as well as I know I can.

Q.  Do you take this as a big disappointment or a learning experience or a lost opportunity?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  For sure, I mean, it's an opportunity that I had that I lost.  I will take lots of experience out of this whole week and try to learn from all the mistakes and take the good and the bad and just keep working hard.

Q.  You had a lot of trouble holding serve.  Was there a particular reason for that?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I felt like she returned really well.  I knew that going in.  But, again, my serve wasn't as good as previous matches.

So, you know, she deserved break me as many times as she did.

Q.  Is that something you are working on that you feel like you'll have to do in the coming here's years, beef up your serve?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, for sure.  When it works well it can work really well.  I just need to get it consistent and it'll be really good.

Q.  So how far do you think Laura can go, and how pleased are you that she's made the third round here?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, I think that's really good.  She played a good match today.  Didn't see much.  I was getting ready.

She's a really good player.  She can go as far as she wants to go.

 Q.  What is the scheduling plan now?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  World TeamTennis for two weeks, and then D.C.

 Q.  Who are you playing for?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Texas Wild.  It's a new team.

 Q.  How do they look?  Going to be a good season?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  With me on it, yeah.

 Q.  Who else is on the team?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Bogomolov, and Bovina and a doubles player, Qureshi, I think.

 Q.  Where are they based?


 Q.  Still enjoy doing that?  What do you get out of TeamTennis right now?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I think it's a good way for me to play a lot of ‑ it's not full matches; it's small sets ‑ just to play against a bunch of different players and just try and beat them if I can.

I mean, I'm only missing one tournament for it, so to me that seemed like a better option.

 Q.  Last year Milos went into the Rogers Cup and there was a lot of hype.  Do you think it'll be different for you in Toronto for the women, that there will be more attention for you this year?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Different than what?

 Q.  Than other years.

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Maybe.  I don't know.  But it's always fun playing at home.  Whatever there is, I appreciate it.  I always really enjoy playing the Rogers Cup.

 Q.  It's been a pretty good couple of weeks for the teenagers between and you, Laura, Caroline Garcia.  Is there something about this group which allows them to compete with the top players better than maybe some of the other teenagers coming through the last few years?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, I think some of the ones coming up now are pretty good.  But at the same time, the game, a lot of the older players are doing well, as well.  That's sometimes tough for us, I think.

Yeah, even if you're a teenager, if you've got the game, I think you can do well.

 Q.  How would you grade this week?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I think it's been an okay week.  I'm always very tough on myself.  I always want to do better.

So disappointed with today.  It'll just motivate me to work harder.

 Q.  Is this a place you'll always have good feelings about because of what happened last year?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  For sure.  For sure I love Wimbledon.  I always have great feelings here and can't wait for next year already.  Still have doubles and mixed doubles.

 Q.  You played a very good first game of the second set and somehow you lost it a little bit.  Got a little wild.  Do you know why that happened?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I felt generally the whole match I had a few loose shots, loose errors, that I normally don't make that I was making.

So a few of those came into play.  She didn't really have a letdown after the first set.  Besides the first game I think she played pretty well.

But, yeah, those loose errors, need to do better than that next time.

 Q.  Do you know why they happen?  What were you saying to yourself?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Just trying to do better with the next point.  Sometimes, you know, just doesn't work out your way.

 Q.  What are your coaching arrangements?  Going to be with Natalie or Antonio?

EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  All up in the air right now.  Need to figure it out.  I was doing a trial with Antonio for the whole grass season.  Now I need to decide if I'm going to stay with him or what I'm going to do.

Lots of meetings coming up, I guess.


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