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Marion Bartoli - third round

Friday 28 June 2013

Marion Bartoli's press conference after her 6-4, 7-5 win over Camila Giorgi

Q.  You must be happy with the win.

MARION BARTOLI:  Yeah, I'm very happy.  Very pleased.  It was a tough, long day.

I lost against Camila in Strasbourg which was not very long ago.  I'm very pleased the way I've been able to turn around this time.

I feel I came back a lot stronger than her probably.  Really took my chances when I had some.  I'm very pleased with the way I was handling the pressure, as well.

Q.  Did you approach this match any differently to the last time you played her?

MARION BARTOLI:  Well, obviously I needed to 'cause the last time was pretty disaster.

But I really felt it was another day, another surface.  Everything was just different.  I really had the mindset of going there to beat her and to win the match, obviously take it away from her.

She's having a huge game.  She's hitting the ball extremely hard.  She can really put you at her (indiscernible) of the ball from probably anywhere on the court.  You really have to be careful on your footwork and where you're trying to place the ball.

Q.  Seven breaks of serve towards the end of that first set.  Can you describe what was going on there?

MARION BARTOLI:  Yeah, well, you know, I was serving probably not fast enough I felt at the beginning.  I felt when I came back I was serving a lot stronger, which helped me also to held my serve a lot easier.

She was serving a lot harder than me and I was still able to break her.  I think I was doing a great job on my return of serve.  I was just not serving fast enough to disturb her.  Because she has so much power on both sides, she was able to take control of the game.

That was definitely a key part.  When we returned on the court it was to serve faster, and I was able to do so.

Q.  You played Knapp years ago in Sydney winning 6‑1, 6‑Love.  You probably don't remember.

MARION BARTOLI:  I do.  2008.

Q.  What do you expect now?  Today she hit 14 aces, and 80% of points when she put the first serve in.  What do you expect from her?

MARION BARTOLI:  Well, I know she can serve well.  But Camila is also serving huge.  I think is going to be also a help for me to have these matches before.  Even if she has a big serve, normally my return of serve is my strength against any opponent in the world, even Serena Williams.  So that's definitely a part of my game that is important.

Obviously she has a huge serve, and she saw some returns coming back that she's not used to.  Maybe she will be disturbed.  On the other side, she's in the second week of Wimbledon, so I have to take her very seriously.

I think I get just a bit more experience than her at this level, so that might help as well.

But, you know, second week of a Grand Slam is a new start, especially here where you have two days off.  It's really a new tournament starting.  I have to make sure I stay mentally very tough and keeping the same intensity.

Q.  How did you stay focused during the two‑hour rain delay?

MARION BARTOLI:  Well, that 2007 run probably helped me.  I can see myself right in there.  I remember playing against Jelena Jankovic lasting seven hours with six rain breaks.  Just one was probably piece of cake for me, to be honest with you.

But, uhm, you know, I was just able to rewarm up when it was the time to rewarm up and just get ready.  Obviously I start extremely strong right away.  So I was able to deal with that because of my experience over the years probably.


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