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Camila Giorgi - third round

Friday 28 June 2013

Camila Giorgi's press conference after her 6-4, 7-5 defeat by Marion Bartoli

Q.  Was it kind of a frustrating day for you today with the weather and all that kind of stuff?

CAMILA GIORGI:  Yeah, was not nice day, I think so.  On the court I didn't play my best, and that's all.

 Q.  The moment of the rain stopped it was a very vital point.  Do you think that changed the outcome of the game?

CAMILA GIORGI:  Maybe change, but I don't think this is an excuse.  I mean, in general I didn't play good the match.  I was starting to coming back in the second one.  I don't think it's ‑‑

 Q.  Because the rain delay was 30‑40, wasn't it?

CAMILA GIORGI:  Yes.  Yeah, I was down.  But, no, I think so this is not the excuse.

 Q.  Do you or have you lived in Miami?

CAMILA GIORGI:  Yeah, I'm living in Miami.

 Q.  You live there now?


 Q.  Why in Miami?  Any particular reason?

CAMILA GIORGI:  Yeah, because they did me a contract three years ago, so I moved there.

 Q.  Who did?

CAMILA GIORGI:  One family, some private one.

 Q.  A private person?


 Q.  Where do you train there?

CAMILA GIORGI:  Pembroke Pines.  It's near Boca Raton.

 Q.  Yeah, I'm from Boca.  How long have you been there?

CAMILA GIORGI:  Two years.

 Q.  Was there a point at all where you thought or you were talking about going Israel?

CAMILA GIORGI:  Not for the moment, no.

 Q.  In the past was there?

CAMILA GIORGI:  No.  I mean, we didn't say that.

 Q.  Who your coach in Miami?

CAMILA GIORGI:  I'm practicing with my dad, but with many sparring and hitting partners and players.

 Q.  Anyone from the tour?  There are a lot of players down there.

CAMILA GIORGI:  Yes.  Some girls from the tour or boys.

 Q.  Okay.  Are you going to go into the doubles or the mixed now?  Where will you go now?

CAMILA GIORGI:  No, now I will stop for one month until my shoulder is okay.

 Q.  You have a problem with your shoulder?

CAMILA GIORGI:  Yes.  It's eight months I'm like this.  I'm playing, but never go away.

So now I will stop and see a doctor and start from there.

 Q.  Have you had it x‑rayed?


 Q.  The right?


 Q.  What do they say?

CAMILA GIORGI:  I have tendonitis and bursitis.

 Q.  The reason we asked you if you were going to Israel is there was a rumor that you had been approached to play for them.  Was that a rumor?

CAMILA GIORGI:  No, this wasn't ‑‑

 Q.  It wasn't true?


 Q.  You'll be back next year?

CAMILA GIORGI:  Yes, of course.



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