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Mikhail Youzhny - third round

Saturday 29 June 2013

Mikhail Youzhny's press conference after his 6‑3, 6‑4, 7‑5 win over Viktor Troicki.

Q.  You're obviously playing very well on the grass.

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  Thank you.  Was question (smiling)?

Yeah, I like to play on the grass.  It's not so many tournaments.  When we have time to play on the grass, I try to stay longer.

Q.  Your next opponent is Andy Murray.  Can you tell us something about him and what you think of him and how you expect to play him.

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  I think everybody know him and know how he play.  He play really well on the grass.  When play long time, he go last time.  Don't play so many matches against him.

You know, he play well.  Will be really tough match for me.  Doesn't ready to talk now about something I have to do like this one.  Is really tough opponent.

Q.  Will that give you a sleepless night?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  Don't worry, I will sleep normal.

Q.  How will you react to the fact that the crowd will all be for Andy?  You were popular today, but it will be different.

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  Yeah, different.  But, of course, it's normal when you play against a guy who is the same country and everybody.

I think everybody will not be against me.  Will be for Andy, but not against me.  So it's life.  It's okay, it's normal.

Q.  How do you compare the styles of your game, you and Andy Murray?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  I think I cannot change my game for one day to play something difference like another players.

But I will think about this tomorrow.

Q.  Can you remind us what your record against Andy is.

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  I don't remember.  It's 0‑2 or 0‑3, I think.  I lost him to St. Petersburg.  I think I have the match points in this match, and I lost him.  I don't remember the year.  And I lost him Valencia final 2010, 2009.

Q.  What is your celebration with the racquet on your head?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  It's usual for almost 10 years.  Just say thanks to the people.

Q.  Andy said there's an interesting story about you and your coach.  Can you tell us what that is?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  It's interesting for Andy or for me?

Q.  He said it was an interesting story.

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  Story, we working together 20 years.  Maybe is this one.  We are 20 years together with my coach.

Q.  Where did you meet?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  We meet on tennis court, in tennis club in Moscow.  Yeah, I was 11 years old.  I and my brother doesn't have the coach.  My parents talk with Boris, we start to work together.

Q.  It's unusual to stay together for so long.

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  It's unusual for tennis coach and players.  But you have some examples, maybe not 20 years, but when the players and coach working together long time.

My opinion, the coach can improve same with player and he can give you something new and still try to find a way how improve my game.  Why I need to change the coach?

Q.  Do you hope your match with Andy tomorrow will boost your profile as a player in this country?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  You know, it will be not tomorrow, it's after tomorrow.

It will be tough match for me.  Don't want to think now what's going to be.  Anyway, cannot change a lot something.  I need to be just ready to play and enjoying the Centre Court, because not every year you can play against top players on the Centre Court.  Nice atmosphere against good player, so...

Q.  Could I ask how you found Court 2, the surface?  Was it okay?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  The same like last year.  I didn't feel any difference between grass last year or this year.  It's okay.  Or between Court 2 or Court 18.

Q.  You're known for losing your temper in the French Open where you smashed your racquet.  Is that still a problem for you?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  Sometimes everybody have some problems.  Yeah, bad luck for racquet and bad luck for me because I still lost this match.

I think during the match, when I do this one, maybe it's help me, and I come back like another player to the court.

Q.  Do you think you have a bad temper, you lose your temper easily?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  I don't think like this one.  Actually, it's happens not so many times, but it happens sometimes like with all people, I think.


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