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Fernando Verdasco - third round

Saturday 29 June 2013

 Fernando Verdasco's press conference after his 6-2, 6-4, 6-4 win over Ernests Gulbis

Q.  Was that a good deal easier for you than you expected?

FERNANDO VERDASCO:  Yeah, well, I mean, what I can say is that I feel so good the whole match.  I mean, from the beginning of the match I took the advantage in the score pretty fast.

I just felt pretty calm and confident and playing good and feeling the ball good the whole match.

The score, of course if you tell me before the match that it was going to be like this, the score, it was hard to say.  Because he's a great player.  He's having a great year.

I was expecting a very difficult match, like maybe going to four or five sets.

Q.  You served very well, didn't you?

FERNANDO VERDASCO:  Yeah, I did.  I mean, I been serving pretty good I think the whole tournament; today I did it again.

I hope that I will be serving also well Monday, no?  So I think that I'm confident with my serve, like serving to every point in the box and having a high percentage of points winning with the first and second serve.

So I think that's very important in grass.

 Q.  He had only one break point, didn't he, beginning of the third set?  He immediately got a warning.  Did you hear what it was for?


 Q.  Time, was it?


 Q.  So that confirms how well you were serving, really, one break point.

FERNANDO VERDASCO:  Yeah.  Well, I think that I didn't gave him like much chances with my serve in the whole match.

Yeah, he only had that chance, and he couldn't make it.  Like I said, I felt pretty good the whole match with my serve.  Then with the return, of course it was serves that he served much better and I couldn't do anything.

Then the ones that he didn't serve that good, I was just there trying to be solid and trying to put every ball in and trying make him work hard to win the service points when he was not making points with his serve straightaway.

 Q.  After you play on Monday, should you win again, there is a possibility that you may be on Centre Court facing Andy Murray ‑ if all goes well for both of you.  Do you permit yourself to think that far ahead?

FERNANDO VERDASCO:  I mean, I first need to win my match on Monday.  I'm sure it's not going to be easy match if he's in fourth round.  I will need to play my best tennis, try to play at the level I been playing these three matches before, and then in case that I win the match, then I will think about the next match.

But right now, in my mind, it's only the match that I have Monday.


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