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Richard Gasquet - third round

Saturday 29 June 2013

Richard Gasquet talks to the media following his third round defeat to Australia's Bernard Tomic 7-6 (7), 5-7, 7-5, 7-6(5)

Q.  Where did you feel that went wrong for you?

RICHARD GASQUET:  No, I think it was a very tough match.  I think he played very good, especially in both tiebreak.  He played very clever game.  He serve incredible during all the match.

So I think it was the key of the match.  He serve very good.  I couldn't break him so much.  But he didn't break me too much, too.  So it was a big match.

I tried my best to perform and to win.  But, as I said, he played just a little bit better than me.

Q.  Entertaining match for the crowd.  Could you feel them enjoying it?

RICHARD GASQUET:  Yeah, it was a very nice match, a lot of nice rallies.  It was a big match.  I think I play my game.  I try my best.

He just serve very good.  I'm not solid in the tiebreaks, and that's why he win.  I think he deserve this win.  He play very good.  Congratulations to him.

Q.  Did you hear the noise coming from Court 2?

RICHARD GASQUET:  Yeah, I realize, but for one second after I need to serve.  It was 5‑4 for him, so...  I didn't care so much.

Q.  It didn't unsettle you in any way?

RICHARD GASQUET:  No, no.  I didn't care at all.  I'm happy for her if she won.  It's very nice.

Q.  You had four tiebreaks in the tournament.  You lost them all.


Q.  Why do you think?

RICHARD GASQUET:  I don't know.  There is no reason.  Sometimes I'm winning; sometimes I'm losing.  No big reasons.  I think all the tiebreaks the guys play well.  I try my best to win them, but I couldn't.

That's not a real reason for that.


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