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Bernard Tomic - third round

Saturday 29 June 2013

Bernard Tomic's press conference after his 7-6, 5-7, 7-5, 7-6 win over Richard Gasquet

Q.  What does this win mean for you right now with the struggles you've had the past month?  Is it different?

BERNARD TOMIC:  I'm very, very happy.  It's a huge win for me.  You know, I played very well today, and I needed to against Richard.  Last two times he beat me, unfortunately.  This time I was very happy to win.

But I played very good tennis.

 Q.  We've heard a lot about the situation with your dad.  Has being here on your own given you an extra sense of maturity, you're sure you can do it on your own?

BERNARD TOMIC:  You know, i respect the question.  If we could not talk about that, I've said what I needed to say.  We'll answer the question that I am on my own now.  But that's the situation here.  I'm playing very well.  I'm feeling very happy.  Nothing's bothering me.

So I'm going to keep the routine and what I'm doing up.  Can't ask anything more from myself.

 Q.  Even though your father is not here and you're winning these kind of matches, there's probably no need for him to be here, is there?

BERNARD TOMIC:  No, I think what you guys don't see is that, you know, here at the Grands, it's something different.  When I leave the Grands and go somewhere different, you don't see what I'm doing with my dad.  I could be practicing, I could be working on stuff.  You see the results, but you don't know exactly what's happening.

It's not a good question to ask.

 Q.  What are you doing with your dad then?

BERNARD TOMIC:  Nothing.  It's just something that shouldn't be asked, I think.  You don't say that, all right, that your father's not here, you're doing very well, do you need him, don't you need him.  That's not an appropriate question to ask because he's my dad.

You know, it's family.  I'm going to stick by that.

 Q.  To put it positively, you're suggesting he's got a more positive influence on you than we're understanding.  There's your opportunity to explain that a little bit for us.

BERNARD TOMIC:  Yeah, well, you know, when I have my time off, when I leave the site, I'm with my dad.  He's helping me at this tournament.  We're doing the right things.

This is why the results are showing off now.  I'm not doing it on my own.  My dad is still involved.  That's why I've gotten to where I am in this tournament and the results have shown.

 Q.  Have you spoken to anyone what it would be like to play on Centre Court today?

BERNARD TOMIC:  No, I didn't speak to anyone.  They happened to put me on.  It's an amazing feeling to play on this court because it is the most prestigious court in our tennis world.  Very happy to get the position to play on this court.  I played well against Richard.

 Q.  You always seem to produce your best tennis at the big events.  What is it about the Grand Slams that brings the best out of you?

BERNARD TOMIC:  Well, obviously you want to do the best at these big tournaments.  You know, I like playing at the Grand Slams.  I feel like, you know, I get my training periods ready for these Grand Slams, give myself the best chance of playing well at these tournaments.

You know, I love playing in Melbourne.  I love playing here.  I just feel good on grass.  The whole Wimbledon thing is very good to me.  I've always been, you know, happy playing here.  I think that's why I play very good tennis here.

 Q.  Did you get a chance to see your sister's match?

BERNARD TOMIC:  No.  I managed to see my sister, though.  I think she had a little problem with her ankle.  She's playing doubles as well.  If I had the time to go see her, I'd love to.  Now it's just at a stage where I have to recover, get everything ready for my next match.

I was happy to see my sister supporting me today in my box.  So it's a very good thing.

 Q.  (Question about his sister's ankle.)

BERNARD TOMIC:  I spoke to her.  She said she had a little scare.  She's feeling her ankle.  She couldn't really move.  You know, I didn't talk a lot with her.  I think I'll go to dinner with her and have a chat with her.

It's okay.  She managed to play.  If she's a bit injured, that's that.

 Q.  Did you ring dad straight after?  What did he have to say?

BERNARD TOMIC:  Yeah, I called my dad.  He was very happy.  You know, obviously to beat a player like Richard is not easy.  He is playing very good tennis ‑ probably his best year so far since he was top 10 back four, five years ago.

I talked to my dad.  He said I did the right things to have a chance of beating Richard.  Yeah, now I'm playing someone, you know, different, Tomas Berdych, who is a very, very good player.  I'm going to have to study up on that, work with my team and my dad to give myself the best chance of winning.

 Q.  Australian sport has had a bit of schtick recently from this country.  The rugby team beat the Lions today.  You've won your match, and it looks like Sam is going to win her match.  Do you think it's been a good day for the Aussies?

BERNARD TOMIC:  Yeah, for sure.  I'm very happy the way the day's turned out.  Very good stuff to Laura.  She won her match.  Wasn't easy.  I think she was losing pretty comfortably in the first set.  To turn it around for her was very good.

If Sam can win now ‑‑ she's playing.  But who knows.  It's been an amazing tournament so far for a lot of players.  Got to take what you have ahead of yourself.

 Q.  Were you aware of the rugby result?  Did you have any interest before you took to the courts?

BERNARD TOMIC:  No, I saw a bit in the locker room.  By the time I went on, they were still going.  I heard the news after, which was, yeah, good stuff.

 Q.  You were asked afterwards about the Lions.  The interviewer got confused about the Brisbane Lions.  What was going through your mind at that point?

BERNARD TOMIC:  Yeah, well, I was still happy about the match that I won.  I wasn't really focusing on the question when they asked me.  I immediately thought it was the Brisbane Lions.  Don't know why (laughter).

Later I came to realize that it was the Rugby Union.

 Q.  You said you called your dad right after the match.  What is it like for you when you're out there, one of the biggest matches in your career, you look up and you don't have your dad there?  What do you feel?

BERNARD TOMIC:  Well, it's difficult, like I said before.  It's hard.  It's not the same feeling.  You know, I'm trying as much as I can to push through it, to play these guys.  I'm doing well at it.

But the main thing is I'm having fun.  I'm trying to relax

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