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Madison Keys - third round

Saturday 29 June 2013

Madison Keys' press conference after her 7-5, 4-6, 6-3 defeat by Agnieszka Radwanska.

Q.  She's crafty; she's cool; she gets a lot of balls back.  You were right in there and much closer obviously than Miami.  How did you feel about it?

MADISON KEYS:  Felt pretty good.  Just really wanted to do better than last time and wanted to be happy when I came off the court.

I think did a lot of things well, so I'm pretty happy with it.

Q.  She was impressed with your serving.

MADISON KEYS:  I was kind of impressed with my serving today.  (Smiling.)

Q.  You had a lot of aces there.

MADISON KEYS:  Yeah, I had a lot of aces, and it got me out of some tight situations.

Q.  Where do you think the match turned ultimately?

MADISON KEYS:  I think in the third set when she broke me, that really just kind of, you know, changed the momentum up a little bit.

Q.  Did you still feel hopeful at that point?

MADISON KEYS:  I did.  Especially when I was able to come back from match points down I thought maybe I could do it.  She served out a really good last game.

Q.  Was there any point during the match where you were like, Wow, I'm hanging in there; I'm right there with her; I'm not getting blown off the court like in Miami?

MADISON KEYS:  After the first set it was so close and could have really just gone either way, and I was really realizing I can do this and stay in it and fight.

Did a good job getting back in the second set and even stayed close in the third, so happy with it pretty much.

Q.  It's been a lot of progress the first six months of the year.  Must be pretty pleased going into the summer.  Can you sort of the take a moment to assess your season so far?

MADISON KEYS:  Yeah, I mean, it's just gotten better and better, I think.  There has been a lot of improvement.  You know, the setbacks come and you work through them and you work forward.

Just really excited for the US Open Series and the US Open.  Hopefully I can keep it up.

Q.  What were you thinking when you're serving at I think Love‑40 and you come back to stay in the match, what are you thinking at that point with those match points against you?

MADISON KEYS:  Hit the biggest serve you possibly can.

Q.  Did you have three aces in a row?

MADISON KEYS:  I think I had two in a row and a winner and another one in there somewhere.

Q.  Can you imagine someday lifting the trophy at this tournament on the final Saturday?

MADISON KEYS:  Yeah, I can.  It would be nice.  (Smiling.)

Q.  Do you think you can do it in the next four or five years maybe?

MADISON KEYS:  I mean, I hope so.  (Smiling.)

Q.  You're on a sharp upward track.  I think you're into the top 50 with this third‑round run here.  Seeding at the US Open doesn't seem completely impossible.  What are your short‑term goals?  If long‑term is to win a big title, what's the rest of 2013?

MADISON KEYS:  You know, just getting better and better at the things and being able to ‑‑ being able to hold obvious serve in a third set like I needed to today.

You know, just work on the little things.  Work on my movement a little bit more and get a little bit better at everything.

Q.  Do you attribute lack of experience versus her experience to the close of that match?

MADISON KEYS:  Yeah, I mean, you know, in the third set she really upped her game and made very little unforced errors.

You know, I was pretty much winning or losing on my side.  So, I mean, it's experience.  She's a great player.  She did really well today.

Q.  Did you learn anything about chance‑taking in a match like that, at the end of a match like that, from this match?

MADISON KEYS:  I think you have to go for your shots when you can, or else ‑‑ I know for me, when I try to hold back a little bit, that's more when errors come.

So, you know, just working on it more and more and being more comfortable taking chances.

Q.  What do you learn about yourself and your game in match like this?

MADISON KEYS:  I was really happy with how well I fought and how I really stayed in there.  I was really happy with my serve, being able to keep using it and keep going for to the entire match.  I don't think I've ever done that in the past.

Q.  During this whole European swing, what's the coolest message you've gotten from someone?

MADISON KEYS:  I don't think I've gotten much stuff.  Honestly, I can't really think of anything.

Q.  That's because you're not on Twitter.

MADISON KEYS:  Look at the man in the back of the room.

Q.  What about going forward on your second serve?  Did you envision doing that more often?

MADISON KEYS:  Yeah, I mean, I think occasionally today I went for it.  Probably could have gone for it more, but I think it's getting more comfortable with it.

That's definitely a goal of mine, to be able to go for it more.  But, I mean, yeah, I think you kind of have to.

Q.  You've been doing this for a while now.  What's kind of your thoughts on the lifestyle?  It's obviously not what most people do.

MADISON KEYS:  It's nice.  I love that I'm not in school all the time.  You know, I love it.  I love that I get to do what I love as a job.

You know, very happy and very fortunate to be able to do it.

Q.  What's your schedule for the rest of the year?

MADISON KEYS:  I'm doing Stanford, D.C., Toronto, Cincinnati, and then US Open.  And then I think I have three in Asia.

Q.  So nothing about like the travel and the hotels is a grind yet?

MADISON KEYS:  I mean, it's a little bit towards the end of a long trip.  But at the same time, a lot of the times you finish off with a Grand Slam, so you just get really excited again, and, you know, you don't feel it as much.

Q.  We tend to lump all the young Americans into kind of one big group.  Do you feel like you guys continue to close the gap between you and Serena, say?

MADISON KEYS:  I think there is a big jump.  I know for a long time there weren't many U.S. girls in the top 100; now there are.  Think there are maybe five in the top 50 now.

I think we're all just doing really well, and I hope we can all keep it up.

Q.  You have such great weapons, such a big upside.  Some have even said that by the time Wimbledon comes around next year you might even be a top 10.  Is that something you can imagine in the immediate future?

MADISON KEYS:  I mean, it's nice to imagine.  I just really want to keep working hard, and hopefully that happens.

Q.  After this are you going to take some time off before you go to Stanford, or is it a training block or hitting the courts?

MADISON KEYS:  I'm taking a couple days off.  Going to go back to Illinois and see some of my family and then back to Florida for some training and then off to Stanford.

Q.  Do you like the training, or would you rather play tournaments?

MADISON KEYS:  I like the training sometimes.  For the first week or so I like it.  If we get into three and four weeks, I'm ready to play a tournament.

Q.  Have you been to Northern California?

MADISON KEYS:  Yeah, I've been to California a lot, especially for juniors.  You know, excited and really just excited for the rest of the summer.


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