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Kaia Kanepi - third round

Saturday 29 June 2013

Kaia Kanepi's press conference after her 6-2, 6-3 win over Alison Riske

 Q.  How do you feel to get through?  Must be delighted.

KAIA KANEPI:  Yeah, of course I'm very happy to win and to also play good, playing in the second week.

Q.  How do you think your form is in this tournament?  Do you think you're playing at your best level now?

KAIA KANEPI:  I think so.  I think I'm playing really well.

Didn't play that way the first week on grass, but now I feel quite good.

Q.  Obviously you got far here three years ago.  How much do you think your game has improved since then?

KAIA KANEPI:  I think my game is more stable than it was then and I think I'm moving better.  Also I'm more aggressive, I think.  I'm not afraid to go in anymore.

Q.  You've made it to the quarterfinals of three different Grand Slams in your career already.  Back in the second week of a Grand Slam again, does it feel like something scary or something you're used to?

KAIA KANEPI:  No, it's not scary anymore.  I actually like to play more on the big court than on the small court 'cause then I feel like I'm playing really a tennis match.

Q.  You're definitely going to get that in the next round against Laura Robson.

KAIA KANEPI:  I like that.

Q.  All the attention is going to be okay for you?

KAIA KANEPI:  I mean, there is not much attention.  They all going to be against me, the crowd.

Q.  Do you like that, though?

KAIA KANEPI:  Yeah, I think I'm going to enjoy that.  I have had this feeling before, like we play Fed Cup in Belgium.  All they were against me.  Sometimes I get more power and fighting spirit if people are against me.

Q.  Talk about your comeback, your latest injury.  You've been out a few times in your career.  Talk about the latest one especially.

KAIA KANEPI:  Yeah, I was away half a year and came back this April.  In the beginning it's tough, of course, first few tournaments.  But I knew that I can play really well.  My body's not forgetting things.

So I think was a good comeback for me.

Q.  Are you fully recovered now?

KAIA KANEPI:  Well, I still have pain sometimes after long matches.  But it's not bothering me during the match.  The heels can get a bit tight after.  But I ice them all the time, so...

Q.  In the matches themselves, it doesn't bother you?

KAIA KANEPI:  Oh, no, not anymore.

 Q.  Just afterwards?


 Q.  Do you feel like you're moving better than before in your career?

KAIA KANEPI:  Yeah, I think I'm faster and I'm fitter than before.  So maybe that's why.

 Q.  Is that a new emphasis for you, fitness?

KAIA KANEPI:  Yeah.  I think the more older I get, the more important is the fitness.  Not much tennis then anymore.

 Q.  What do you know about Laura and her game?  What sort of challenges will she present to you?

KAIA KANEPI:  Well, I think a left‑hander is always difficult on grass.  But I had that against Kerber.  So I'm quite used to it.

But I have never played Laura before.

 Q.  Have you watched many of her matches this week?

KAIA KANEPI:  No, actually I haven't.  I just saw a few games today from TV.

 Q.  Have you seen her around on the tour and watched her play?

KAIA KANEPI:  No, I haven't watched much.

 Q.  You like playing British players, don't you?

KAIA KANEPI:  Yeah, I don't mind.

 Q.  You beat Heather Watson in Paris and Tara Moore here.


 Q.  You're good against British players.

KAIA KANEPI:  I have beaten them, but doesn't really matter for the next match.

 Q.  Where do you see yourself fitting on the tour for now?  Do you think you have it in you to win a Grand Slam soon?  Is it possible for you?

KAIA KANEPI:  Well, if I play every day very well, then it's possible.

 Q.  Does that feel like that's something you're close to being able to do?

KAIA KANEPI:  Yes, of course it depends how I play.  I played in Brisbane one week very, very well.  And, yeah, I can't tell you that I can do it, but it's possible.

 Q.  Are you aware of how much hysteria there is around Laura Robson, how the country is going crazy, that you'll be at the center of this on Monday?

KAIA KANEPI:  Yeah, I'm aware she's all over in the newspapers.  But actually I don't read that much newspapers here, so I don't bother myself with that.


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