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Sabine Lisicki - third round

Saturday 29 June 2013

Sabine Lisicki speaks to the media following her third round victory over Australia's Samantha Stosur 4-6, 6-2, 6-1

Q.  It says in the notes how much you enjoy smiling.  You clearly enjoyed that game.

SABINE LISICKI:  I did.  I love playing at Wimbledon.  It's my favorite tournament.  Centre Court here at Wimbledon is something so special to play on.  I just enjoyed it.

Q.  You've obviously had a couple of difficult years with injuries, illnesses.  Are you fully fit, raring to go now?


Q.  Which would be a good feeling for you?

SABINE LISICKI:  Definitely.  Especially having a tough draw.  First three rounds were, all of them were tough players to play on.  It gives you a lot of confidence to beat them.

Q.  Presumably gives you a lot of confidence to feel so good physically?

SABINE LISICKI:  Definitely, yes.

Q.  What has it been like going through the different injuries?

SABINE LISICKI:  Every time coming back from an injury I got better and also stronger mentally.  It made me enjoy the game even more, because I know how quickly everything can be taken away from you.

So I just enjoy every second being out there.

Q.  Do you think that now is a key thing in your mind to take you forward?

SABINE LISICKI:  Yes, definitely.  It gives you confidence in the match, during the match.  You know, the fun factor is important for me, as well.

Q.  Next up could well be Serena.  A couple weeks ago we were talking about her, you were saying on your day you can serve as hard as her, she's not unbeatable.  What do you say today?

SABINE LISICKI:  Well, you have to play your best to beat her, that's for sure.  But, you know, everybody's human being.  You know, when I play, we'll see what happens, yeah.

Q.  You feel you're serving as hard as she does, even here?

SABINE LISICKI:  I don't know what the stats say.  Is it like that?

Q.  I don't know.  Were you close to your best already today?

SABINE LISICKI:  Sam played a fantastic match, so she gave me a great challenge.  I think going through that challenge makes me be ready for the next one, as well.

There are always things to improve, but I feel great out there.

Q.  Will you watch the match that's later today between the two women?

SABINE LISICKI:  I'll let that to my coaches.  I'll do my regular cool‑down stuff and focus on my own thing.

Q.  If you do face Williams, what do you think would be the key to that match?

SABINE LISICKI:  To serve well, definitely.  Well, the return obviously, too.  Try to break her, which will be tough.  You know, I think that's the two keys, yeah.

Q.  Everybody is describing here as the nailed‑on favorite.  Do you think that's a little bit dangerous?

SABINE LISICKI:  What is dangerous?

Q.  The fact that everybody seems to have written off almost everybody else and almost called her the winner already.

SABINE LISICKI:  I don't know.  I was in that situation last year when everybody was saying that Sharapova was the favorite.  I'm probably going into that match being the underdog, but I like that.

Q.  Why do you like that?

SABINE LISICKI:  Have nothing to lose.

Q.  That allows you to play a different way than if you're favored over someone?

SABINE LISICKI:  No.  But, you know, I enjoy playing at Wimbledon.  I'm looking forward to that match.  It's fun to be here in the second week for the fourth time in a row.


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